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The front windshield of a bright yellow school bus fills the frame of this photo.
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Fines could soon be doubled for people who drive around, or fail to stop for school buses with their stop arms out. A bill moving through the House has just one committee left to go.

Three buses are parked in a row.
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The Leon County School Board had questions last night for a representative from the company hired to create safer and more efficient bus routes.

School buses are parked in a row, ready for drivers.
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The first day of school in Leon County was a transportation nightmare for district buses.

A new program for planning school bus routes turned out to be a ‘colossal failure’ according to Leon County Superintendent Rocky Hanna.

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August is Child Safety Awareness Month, and Florida officials are reminding motorists to always buckle up their kids.


The “Cameron Mayhew Act” is slated to take effect Saturday, after Governor Rick Scott signed the bill into law aimed at increasing school bus safety.


A school bus safety bill is now heading to Governor Rick Scott, after passing the Senate this week. But, it not only received bipartisan support, but some bipartisan opposition as well.

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A pair of bills to increase school bus safety passed their first House committee Tuesday. 

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City of Watsonville

Update: The Leon County Sheriffs office says the stray bullet that shattered the window of a school bus parked at Killearn  Lakes Elementary School came from a mile away.

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A bill that enhances the penalties for passing a stopped school bus is heading to the Senate floor, after passing its last committee Monday. But, proponents of “Gabby’s Law” aren’t too happy with a recent change to the original bill.

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Bay County Sheriff’s deputies are encouraging drivers to leave a little earlier on Tuesday, the first day of school for many area kids.

Sheriff’s Office Spokeswoman Ruth Corley says her department’s primary reminder for area residents is there will be a dramatic increase in traffic Tuesday morning and there will likely be delays.

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When school board employees showed up to Alachua County’s school bus park on September eighth, they noticed that two of their 225 buses were gone. Spokeswoman Jackie Johnson said although the theft of two $60,000 buses is perplexing, she found the overall trend of missing school buses to be more disturbing.