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A bill giving a tax exemption on diapers and feminine hygiene products has cleared its first Florida Senate committee.

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Florida parents could see cheaper diapers through legislation being considered by lawmakers. The measure by Sen. Lauren Book, D-Plantation, exempts diapers and incontinence products from sales tax.

More than $400 million in taxes will be cut in the upcoming fiscal year.
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Most states tax feminine hygiene products as “luxury items.” But state lawmakers across the U.S., including in Florida, are introducing so-called “tampon tax” legislation.

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This weekend is one many Florida shoppers and retailers look forward to all year. This year’s back-to-school sales tax holiday applies to more expensive items than last year’s did.

School supplies, clothes, computers and computer accessories qualify for tax-free shopping all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This year, shoppers can get out of stores with $100 worth of clothes and $750 worth of computers without paying a penny of tax.

Florida Retail Federation spokesman John Fleming says back to school shopping brings in $5 billion statewide.

Florida Amazon Shoppers Will Start Paying Sales Tax May 1

Apr 16, 2014
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Floridians who have full shopping carts on might want to complete their purchases by the end of the month. The Internet retail giant has announced it will start collecting sales tax in the Sunshine State on May 1.

Amazon must comply with the Florida law requiring businesses to collect sales tax if they have a physical presence in the state. That’s because it’s nearing completion on the first of two planned distribution warehouses in Central Florida.

The company says it will hire up to 2,500 workers to start shipping items by the holiday season.

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Floridians may be paying a bit less for admission to certain sporting events if Representative Jason Brodeur (R-Sanford) has his way.  His sales tax exemption for special events tickets met with no opposition in its first committee hearing Thursday.


State financial estimators say they need more information before predicting how legalizing medical marijuana would affect tax revenue. The financial estimating conference is meeting this week to consider an initiative possibly headed for the 2014 Florida ballot. 

If it’s deemed medical, pot could be exempted from sales taxes like medicines are. But Office of Demographic and Economic Research Coordinator Amy Baker says, as the proposed amendment is written, it appears sales of the plants and smoking devices would be taxed.

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Tallahassee and Leon County are edging closer to funding a major renovation at the site of the first American Christmas, off of Lafayette Street. The local governments are considering investing in the historic site after the Legislature set aside money this year. And it's all with the goal of making it tourist-friendly so it can be marketed to the masses.

The site of the first Christmas celebrated in North America, likely in the mid-1500s by Spanish explorer Hernando DeSoto, is marked by a small sign. It has a gravel parking lot with no room for buses to turn around.

Capital Report: 08-03-2012

Aug 6, 2012

Florida Education Chief Gerard Robinson has become the latest agency head to resign. Robinson had been on the job for only a year. He’s been under fire for his handling of changes to the state’s FCAT test that resulted in lower grades for students and schools. But his decision to step aside at the end of August is also raising questions about the state’s leadership under Governor Rick Scott—and why more than 10 agency heads have left their jobs.

Capital Report: 02-27-2012

Feb 27, 2012

The Florida Senate and House could begin budget negotiations this week.  Leaders have held informal talks about the differences between the two proposed spending plans.  James Call reports, the Senate’s top budget writer says there are a couple of issues that need to be resolved before a conference committee will be appointed to finalize the state spending plan for next year. 

Capital Report: 02-07-2012

Feb 7, 2012

As lawmakers near the halfway mark in their 60-day legislative session a Senate budget proposal is slowly taking shape.  Committee chairs want to cut about $850 million from health care programs while boosting spending on public schools by more than a billion dollars. James Call reports, the Senate President said that for the most part things are on track even though some Senators are openly questioning some of the priorities outlined in the proposed spending plan.


Capital Report: 02-03-2012

Feb 3, 2012

The House sponsor of a bill to bring three major casinos to South Florida folded his hand Friday. James Call reports the Business and Consumer Affairs Subcommittee voted to table the proposal which would have introduced high-stakes Vegas-style casinos to the state.