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A Florida Panhandle man may be one of the first charged under a new law for posting threatening messages on social media.

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Local sheriff’s offices are warning area residents about different phone scams, running rampant in some Florida Panhandle counties.

Bay County Sheriff's Office

A donation drive is underway in Bay County to help the victims of Irma in Central and South Florida. 

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The Bay County Sheriff’s office is offering a class for area residents about common scams and how to avoid them.

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Bay County Sheriff’s deputies are encouraging drivers to leave a little earlier on Tuesday, the first day of school for many area kids.

Sheriff’s Office Spokeswoman Ruth Corley says her department’s primary reminder for area residents is there will be a dramatic increase in traffic Tuesday morning and there will likely be delays.

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The ‘Green Dot Money Card’ scam has now made its way to the Bay County area.  It’s a scam which has already plagued parts of the Big Bend and South Georgia areas, and Bay County Sheriff’s deputies are warning residents to be careful.

Bahrain Center for Human Rights

A human rights organization which advocates for people in the Middle Eastern nation of Bahrain is raising concerns about a triathlon taking place in Panama City this weekend. Two members of the Bahraini royal family who are accused of torturing protestors in their home country are slated to take part in the Panhandle race, but police say they're not taking any special precautions.

Bay County Sheriff's Office

Bay County Sheriff’s deputies are warning residents about the latest scam plaguing the area—advertising a fake cruise in exchange for personal information.

In recent months, the Bay County area has been troubled by several scams. Some target the elderly, telling them a loved one is in jail and needs bail money. Others come with a letter that tells the recipient they’ve won two airline tickets, but must give their social security and date of birth to claim them. Sheriff’s Office Spokeswoman Ruth Corley says there’s now a similar scheme:

Florida visitors as well as residents could get arrested if they don’t heed the signs on certain beaches in the Panhandle, indicating the beaches in the Bay County area are closed. Officials say it’s for the safety of beach goers and for those risking their lives to enter the rough waters to rescue swimmers in distress.

Bay County Sheriff’s officials say they’re unsure when they’ll remove the double red flags on several county beaches. Until then, it’s illegal for swimmers to enter the water due to extremely dangerous conditions. But, officials say that does not mean visitors can’t enjoy what the county has to offer for this Labor Day Weekend.