With Florida's 2018 general election just weeks away the race for U.S. Senate election officials are growing concerned about the potential for hacking. The issue is now playing a role in the U.S. Senate race, as Governor Rick Scott and Senator Bill Nelson spar over whether the state's  systems are secure.

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Florida Republican members of Congress are calling for former FBI director James Comey to testify about alleged White House interference into its Russia investigation. But Sen. Marco Rubio said people shouldn’t rush to judgment on media reports.

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The battle over the next U.S. president took to the Tallahassee streets Saturday. A group of protestors at the state capitol called on Florida’s 29 electors not to vote for President-elect Donald Trump ahead of today’s vote.

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U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson discussed the controversy over last month's election and the next administration.

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The state of Florida is finalizing plans for a Russian Heritage Month scheduled for January. Event organizers say they hope it promotes peer-to-peer understanding among Russians and Americans.

Florida Department of State database analyst Eman Vovsi is from Russia. He came up with Russian Heritage Month as a way to honor Russian contributions to Florida. But he says he hopes it does more than that.

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Gay rights group Equality Florida has written letters to several city governments urging them to suspend their “sister city” relationships with Russian cities in light of that country’s anti-gay policies. Florida cities are weighing the suggestion.

Officials in at least two cities have discussed ending their relationships with their Russian counterparts. Russian laws criminalizing homosexuality and unpunished violence against gays have gotten much attention ahead of the 2014 winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.