Rod Smith

Jessica Palombo / WFSU-FM

Just as they did in all U.S. states, Florida’s presidential electors met to cast their official ballots on Monday. The Democratic electors unanimously chose President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden at the Florida Capitol.

In the Florida Senate chambers, Democratic electors gathered from around the state. Many brought family members to share the experience, some still in diapers. Infant Hillary Eleanor was there with her dad, former Orange County state Rep. Scott Randolph, and mom, Susannah Randolph, who’s one of the electors.

Ryan Benk

Florida’s Democratic Party Chairman joined state Congressional Candidate for District 2 Al Lawson on the campaign trail talking about why voters should not re-elect incumbent Congressman Steve Southerland. They held a roundtable discussion Thursday morning in Tallahassee with some of Florida’s seniors to talk about Southerland’s record on Medicare and Social Security.

The Florida Democratic Party and the Fair Districts Coalition are joining the fight against the Senate’s voting district maps. Regan McCarthy reports the maps are headed to the state Supreme Court for a second review after the justices found the chamber’s first maps unconstitutional.

Florida Democratic Party Chairman Rod Smith says he doesn’t think the Senate’s second set of voting district maps follow the guidelines in the constitution any more closely than the first.