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Apalachee Elementary School is celebrating a sizeable donation that will go straight to the classroom. 

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The Leon County School Board has passed a $531 million dollar budget for the current school year. Funding for district employees is up over last year. Superintendent Rocky Hanna explained some of that increase is to account for new programs and raises.

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Some 34,000 Leon County Students headed back to school Monday and with a new school year comes changes, mostly related to school safety.

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Leon County Schools has debuted its comprehensive school safety program to be implemented this school year. Many of the updates are mandated by the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act passed last Session.

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A night of emotional back and forth has not yielded a decision as to whether two new charter schools can open in Leon County for the coming school year.

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Leon County Schools’ Charter Review Committee has accepted proposals for two new charter schools to open next year – but the superintendent is advising the school board to block their approval.

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As Leon County Commissioners consider creating a new tax aimed at supporting local youth, the question of how that money would be spent is growing. A lot of organizations have ideas. Leaders in the Leon County school system say they’d like to see that money help ensure kids are ready to start school.

Leon County Schoolboard member Rosanne Wood says the program has proven successful in other communities.

“They’ve had great success in the six counties that have done it. They’ve brought down infant mortality. They have increased their pre-k enrollment,” Wood says.

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A data breach of Florida Virtual School put tens of thousands of Leon County school teachers and students’ personal information at risk.


While a new law allows Florida schools to arm their teachers, the Leon County School Board has unanimously approved a resolution stating they won’t be doing that in their school district.

A sign bearing the names of the 17 people killed during the Valentine's Day shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. (3/24/2018)
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Students, parents, and a wide assortment of gun-control advocates young and old marched and rallied in Tallahassee Saturday.  The local "March for Our Lives" event was one of more than 800 similar happenings in the United States.

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Legislative leaders are touting this year’s $101 increase in K-12 per student funding as “unprecedented.” But education officials say that billing is misleading.

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The first bill introduced Tuesday to the Florida House would create the so-called Hope Scholarship Program. It would give victims of bullying the chance to transfer to another public school, or get a scholarship to a private one. Advocates say the bill is primarily an anti-bullying measure. Leon County Superintendent Rocky Hanna sees it differently.

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Leon County Schools Superintendent Rocky Hanna announced Monday his new Work Days initiative. He wants to learn more about a range of jobs within the school district, so he can do his own better.

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Leon County School Superintendent Rocky Hanna is applauding a lawsuit against the state’s “Best and Brightest” teacher bonus program.

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Months of building tension between newly-elected Leon County Superintendent Rocky Hanna and the school board came to a head Tuesday as board members postponed a decision to move the Adult and Community Education Center to the Lively Technical Center campus next to Tallahassee Community College.

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Leon County’s newly elected school superintendent has a lot on his plate as he begins his first term in office. Rocky Hanna laid out his priority list this week to a meeting of the League of Women Voters.

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Leon County Schools Superintendent Rocky Hanna is walking back his statements on how candidates should get the job.

Two Leon County schools will get new principles mid-school year and the district plans to move forward with a review of its administrative office.

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Leon County School Superintendent Rocky Hanna said district positions for people currently under contract are secure for now. But those contracts end in June and Hanna says he plans to make some cuts. But, the details are currently unclear.

From left to right: Maggie Lewis Butler, Dee Dee Rasmussen, Roseanne Wood, Joy Bowen and Alva Swafford Striplin
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Leon County has an all women school board, and a new district superintendent. Tuesday’s district meeting saw the swearing in of Rocky Hanna, and Roseanne Wood.


Leon County’s new superintendent Rocky Hanna will be sworn in to office in a few weeks and the transition to new leadership is already underway but he says he  won’t make any immediate personnel changes.


Former Leon High School Principal Rocky Hanna is the new superintendent of schools. Hanna beat incumbent Jackie Pons in a landslide Tuesday with more than half of the vote.

Leon Superintendent Jackie Pons is dealing with the aftermath following a decision to run a negative tv ad against an opponent. The move has backfired, causing some of Pons’ supporters to disavow him. The ad was pulled Monday, but the damage may be permanent.

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Last year, Leon County Schools District Administrator Rocky Hanna announced that he would resign from his position to run for Superintendent. Yesterday was his last day working for the district.

Rocky Hanna addressing his supporters.
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Leon County School Administrator Rocky Hanna is resigning to continue his bid for District School Superintendent. Hanna is challenging Superintendent Jackie Pons for the job, and he’s facing a tough race with City Commissioner Scott Maddox and private investigator Michael Wynn.