revenue estimating

Last week, a Florida Senate committee heard that a potential surplus of more than $220-million had likely disappeared for next year’s state budget because of Hurricane Michael.

This week, the outlook turned more positive, with analysts projecting a significant increase in state revenue over two years.

Budget analysts periodically meet inside a building next to the Capitol for what’s known as the Revenue Estimating Conference.

EDR Coordinator Amy Baker describing the changes in the conference's newest estimates.
Nick Evans

State economists are revising their fiscal projections upward, but the extra dollars likely won’t be enough to stave off deep budget cuts when lawmakers start balancing the books. 

Florida Medical Marijuana User Estimates Vary Widely

Oct 21, 2013
Medical marijuana plant
Rollorollo69 (Wikimedia Commons)

Financial-impact estimators are gathering data on medical marijuana to calculate the costs and benefits for Florida if voters pass a proposed constitutional amendment legalizing the drug. At a public hearing Monday morning the group’s estimates of how many people would use medical marijuana varied widely.