Restorative Justice

State Attorney Jack Campbell says a focus on restorative justice may be one way to empower victims of crime. Campbell says restorative justice focuses on helping those who’ve committed crimes face the consequences of their actions—often by meeting and speaking with their targets. And he adds the process can also be therapeutic for victims.

The Grosmaire Family

Conor McBride is serving 20 years at Wakulla Correctional Institution for killing his fiancée, Ann Grosmaire, when they were both 19. It could have been a life sentence, but her parents asked the state attorney for less time. Now, Kate and Andy Grosmaire are helping to drive the expansion of restorative justice practices in Leon County.

As part of his agreement with the Grosmaires, whom he knew well after dating their daughter for three years, McBride cut this PSA for the Florida Restorative Justice Association.

"If you're in a relationship that seems out of control…if you feel like you're out of control…if you don't understand why you're doing it, why you're hurting the person you love or the person you love is hurting you, seek help. Please. Seek help."

A woman whose very name has become synonymous with the term “Restorative Justice” calls Tallahassee home. And now her story and cause have gone international with the release of a new movie.

Perspectives: Restorative Justice

Jan 17, 2013

Two Tallahassee families devastated by murder have made peace with those who brought them so much pain. Kate and Andy Grosmaire’s daughter was killed by her fiancée in 2010. Agnes Furey lost a daughter and grandson at the hands of a daughter’s acquaintance. Both families are now vigorous advocates for “Restorative Justice.”