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A Florida State University Professor has brought together three of the school’s colleges to participate in a unique course covering the State’s ongoing legal battle over felons’ voting rights. At a recent class, Leon County’s Sherriff shared insight into how he, his peers and the formerly incarcerated view the issue.

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A bipartisan group of Florida lawmakers is looking to create an alternative to restore the rights of former inmates.

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A panel of Florida lawmakers began a discussion this week to consider automatically restoring the civil rights of ex-felons who committed nonviolent crimes.

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Two of Florida’s election supervisors are backing an initiative to restore voting rights for ex-felons.  Broward and Leon County’s supervisors are urging the state supreme court to certify the proposal for the 2018 ballot. 

Wakulla Springs
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Florida legislators signed off Wednesday on $25 million worth of funding for nearly 30 projects intended to improve water quality in the state's springs.

The legislature required the state environmental protection agency to come up with a plan before releasing the dollars. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s says the proposal will impact hundreds of Springs around the state.

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Several Florida Panhandle counties are slated for about $90 million worth of early restoration projects to address areas impacted by the Deepwater Horizon oil-spill. Florida Department of Environmental Protection Secretary Herschel Vinyard, other Environmental leaders, as well as local officials made that announcement Friday in Panama City.

The Obama administration has announced it will send $80 million in additional funding to help in Everglades restoration. This comes a day after a federal judge Okayed a multimillion dollar cleanup project that could resolve 20 years of costly lawsuits.

The same judge, who was once critical of state officials for failing to enforce the Clean Water Act, agreed Thursday to allow an $880 million clean-up effort that will jump-start projects that have been bogged down in years of legal disputes. Charles Lee with the Audubon of Florida applauds the ruling.