Representative Manny Diaz

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The Florida House has approved a plan to give bonuses to teachers and principals.  But critics take issue with handing out money based on test scores that are sometimes decades old.

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House budget subcommittees are unveiling their ideas for spending cuts.  House leaders ordered each panel develop a list of potential reductions in light of a grim budget outlook.

Rep. Manny Diaz (R-Hialeah)
Florida Channel

Legislation extending the Best and Brightest scholarship program for teachers and principals is on the move in the Florida House. The measure allows more educators to qualify as highly effective.

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When president Obama indicated an interest in reopening trade agreements with Cuba, it didn’t take long for many to voice their disagreements. Now, Matthew Seeger reports that Florida lawmakers are getting their rejections heard in the form of a house memorial.

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The relationship between traditional public schools and their charter counterparts has long been fraught with tension, and that relationship may get even worse, despite claims by Florida lawmakers.

Charter schools get state money but are largely free of many of the rules and regulations governing traditional public schools. There are nearly 600 public charter schools in Florida and they exist in a majority of Florida’s school districts. It’s up to locally-elected school officials to approve or deny agreements creating charters, but that control could soon go away.

Regan McCarthy

A pair of Florida lawmakers want to test a theory that boys and girls might learn better if they’re taught in separate classrooms. So they’re filing a bill that would encourage schools to offer single-gender classrooms. But the proposal comes with quite a bit of controversy and confusion.

The Franklin County school district is one of the smallest and poorest in the state, with all of its kids eligible to get three free meals a day at school and just one campus to house all of its students, from preschool through 12th grade.