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Florida prisoners will have new education opportunities under a law signed by Gov. Rick Scott. 

House Judiciary Committee Approves Juvenile Justice Bill

Apr 20, 2017

The House Judiciary Committee approved a bill changing how juveniles are punished for low-level offenses. But the addition of an amendment allowing mercy for adults is drawing concerns. 

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House budget subcommittees are unveiling their ideas for spending cuts.  House leaders ordered each panel develop a list of potential reductions in light of a grim budget outlook.


A couple of juvenile justice-related bills are now moving in the Florida House and Senate.

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When president Obama indicated an interest in reopening trade agreements with Cuba, it didn’t take long for many to voice their disagreements. Now, Matthew Seeger reports that Florida lawmakers are getting their rejections heard in the form of a house memorial.

A bill regulating the parasailing industry is among 32 new laws set to take effect Wednesday. And, the head of Florida’s water sports association says the state’s parasailing industry is ready.

The "White-Miskell" Act

In January, Sen Maria Sachs (D-Delray Beach) said she’d never go up in a parasail with an industry that doesn’t have any uniform standards.

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A couple of abortion-related bills passed the Florida House Friday. Representative Larry Ahern’s (R-Seminole) bill makes it a separate crime to kill or injure the fetus at any stage of development, during an attack against the mother.

But, Rep. Lori Berman (D-Lantana) says there are unintended consequences to passing such a bill.

“You could have a woman playing soccer and her friend or someone she didn’t know accidentally kicks her in the stomach and causes a miscarriage. That woman could be subject to jail time,” said Berman.

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A measure aiming to make it a separate criminal offense to cause the injury or death of an unborn child is heading to the House floor.

Seminole Republican Representative Larry Ahern says his bill called “the Florida Unborn Victims of Violence Act” is about justice. He says too many times, a woman and her unborn child are victims of violence, which end in death for the both of them. But, the perpetrator is only convicted of killing the mother.

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A bill making it a separate crime to cause the death or injury of an unborn child passed its first House committee Wednesday.

Seminole Republican Representative Larry Ahern says his bill covers violence against a woman who’s pregnant with a child at any state of development.

“All this does, is seek to clarify is that there’s no timeline for the death, that no matter what, if a woman is pregnant, she’s pregnant, it’s not an unborn quick child [viable fetus outside the womb], it’s just an unborn child,” said Ahern.

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A legislative effort is underway to make it a separate crime in Florida to cause the death or injury of an unborn child. the bill doesn’t differentiate based on intent or the child’s stage of development.

It’s currently a crime to cause or contribute to the death of what’s called an “unborn quick child,” —that is, a fetus that can live outside the womb. But legislation filed by Lakeland Senator Kelli Stargel and Seminole Representative Larry Ahern would expand the definition to include any pregnancy.

A couple of House panels took up several bills Wednesday that were abortion-related. They include a ban on having an abortion based on sex or gender and another that would require the care for infants born alive after an abortion procedure. While all the bills passed out of their respective committees, it was not without controversy.