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A bill aimed at helping to address the state’s rape kits backlog is now heading to the Governor, after passing the Florida Legislature unanimously.

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Crime rates continue to fall across the country, while incarceration rates reach historic levels. A non-partisan panel came together Thursday to examine the relationship between incarceration and crime.

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Governor Rick Scott’s recent approval of three public records exemptions is drawing both criticism and praise from critics and proponents alike.

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The House’s prison reform package passed its first committee Tuesday. Several opposed the measure, hoping it would do at least as much as its Senate counterpart.

A bipartisan group of Florida lawmakers wants to revamp the state’s guardianship laws.

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Allowing counties to create their own wage theft protection programs would no longer be legal under a bill that’s now headed to the House floor. While the bill allows for two counties that have their own ordinances in place to keep theirs, some start up programs enacted this year would be illegal and would place under a uniform set standard. And, opponents say that’s unfair.