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Bills seeking to compensate the families who want to rebury their loved ones found on the property of the now-closed Dozier School for Boys are continuing to move in both chambers of the Florida Legislature. One bill is already headed to the Senate floor.

Bills Address Derelict Vessels On Land And At Sea

Apr 8, 2014
A map of florida showing derelict vessel locations
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission / Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Imagine a map of Florida. Now ask yourself: what’s the most prominent geographical feature of the state? You might have said: it’s surrounded on three sides by water. That makes it a haven for boaters. But what about the boats themselves – what happens when they’re not in use? The boats are often abandoned -- but there’s legislation aimed at fixing that.

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On Monday, a House committee watered down a measure originally requiring the state to license and inspect providers that care for as few as four children. The bill now advancing to its final committee maintains the status quo of five or more children but does clarify how daycare providers can advertise their services.

On Monday afternoon, four children under age five were playing in Nettie Callaway’s Tallahassee home.

Governor Rick Scott’s recent veto of a bill that would have provided more funds for Florida’s native wildflowers and other plants has left several people stunned. Calling it a fee increase, he vetoed upping the price for a specialty license plate that was voluntary for Floridians. And, fans of the flora say the 10 dollar increase was to put the license plate on par with most of the other specialty license plates in Florida.