Representative Joe Saunders

Jessica Palombo / WFSU News

One Florida bill bars employers from discriminating against people who are gay or transgendered. But despite strong business community support, it never saw the light of debate this year.  

The chances of passing the Florida Competitive Workforce Act were promising by several measures. 

First, it has bi-partisan sponsorship.

Then there’s broad public support, according to a 2013 public opinion survey.

Catherine Shergi / Integrated Options

While Florida lawmakers work to integrate more technology-based learning into school curriculums, they’re not as enthused by other ways districts want to use technology: especially when it comes to identifying students.

Marriage equality got a major boost when the U.S. Supreme Court struck down major provisions in the Federal Defense of Marriage Act last month.  But it’s still unclear how married same-sex couples will access benefits if they live in states that don’t recognize their union.

Florida happens to be just such a state, and Governor Rick Scott said the DOMA decision applies to federal law and will not impact state laws. 

A measure is making its way through the Florida House that would require doctors to provide medical care for a baby who is born alive during or right after an abortion procedure. But opponents worry the measure could also cut back on women’s rights.

Representative Cary Pigman, a Republican from Sebring, is the bill’s sponsor in the House. He said the measure has nothing to do with the procedure of an abortion. And he said the term “born alive” is clearly defined in the bill.