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Payday loan providers are asking for more options and extended repayments. They argue it will give borrowers more flexibility but opponents say it’s a trap for low-income borrowers. 

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The Florida Legislature is looking to impose new restrictions on abortion. A measure that would ban a common procedure passed a divided House committee Thursday.

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Two Florida lawmakers are already looking ahead to next year’s legislative session to revive a bipartisan effort to reform the state’s claims bill process. It allows those who sue a government agency over things like injuries or negligence to receive the rest of the money awarded to them—a process that can often take years.

The inside of the Florida Senate Chamber
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The Florida Senate is considering more juvenile justice legislation. It’s looking at measures classifying certain kids as prolific offenders and changing sentencing for juveniles who commit felonies.

Rep. James Grant (R-Tampa)
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State lawmakers are attempting to bring wills into the twenty first century.

A number of claims bills which found Florida’s child welfare agency at fault are now heading to the House floor. Among them is a high profile bill involving twins that further compensates the surviving victim, in an abuse case that took his twin sister’s life.

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A controversial Stand Your ground-related bill is now starting to move in the House.

It's assumed a conservative Republican Legislature could easily agree that less government is better. But that’s not the case when it comes to deregulation, even for professions like body wrapping and animal massage.

Florida House Votes For Do-Over In District With Write-In Candidate Confusion

Nov 18, 2014

When the Florida House of Representatives welcomed new and returning members today,  one recently elected person was there only in spirit. That’s because a court ruling requires a do-over in his district election.

Rep. James Grant (R-Tampa) handily won reelection last month with almost 60 percent support from District 64 voters. Early Tuesday, the Florida Elections Canvassing Commission certified all state returns, including Grant’s. But later on the House floor, Rep. Richard Corcoran (R- Land 'O Lakes) called for a vote to block Grant from taking office.

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A measure seeking to revamp the state’s juvenile life sentencing laws passed the full House Tuesday.

For several years, Florida lawmakers have struggled with how to bring state law into compliance with a couple U.S. Supreme Court decisions. Those rulings say it’s unconstitutional to give a juvenile a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

“This bill has been something that the Legislature has failed to pass for at least the past four years, and it has taken someone like Representative Grant to bring us to this point,” said Representative Matt Gaetz.

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The House Judiciary Committee passed a handful of measures Thursday aimed at helping kids, all of which are now headed to the floor. They range from a bill hoping to address juvenile life sentencing to a bill toughening the penalties against teachers who step over the line with their students.

Stop Harassing Underage Teens Act

One of the first bills to pass unanimously is a measure called the “Stop Harassing Underage Teens Act,” authored by Lithia Republican Representative Jake Raburn.

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Two U.S. Supreme Court cases in the past four years have undercut states’ ability to sentence juveniles to life without parole.  Representative James Grant (R-Tampa) introduced a sentencing bill Tuesday to bring Florida statutes in line with these rulings.

The bill mandates parole hearings for juvenile offenders sentenced to life. The hearings would come after 25 years for people convicted of murder and after 20 years for non-homicide offenders. 

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Over the next few weeks, Florida lawmakers are slated to take up a series of gun-related measures, from fixes to Florida’s Stand Your Ground law to enhancing penalties for insurers who discriminate against gun-owners. But, while some bills appear to be moving quickly through the Legislature, others appear to be stalled in the legislative process.

"Right To Be A Kid" Bill

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Florida lawmakers say they’re not giving up on a failed effort to address juvenile sentencing reform. They’re responding to two U.S. Supreme Court decisions ruling juveniles cannot face a life sentence without the possibility of parole, even if they committed a serious felony or murder. But, the legislative effort to do that is contentious as some spar over whether these juveniles deserve a second chance.

Ex-Juvenile Offender Gets Second Chance

When Ellis Curry was 16-years-old, he was convicted of murder and armed robbery.