Rep. Alan Williams

Mark Earley, the man who rose from voting machine technician to Leon County’s voting systems manager, will be the next supervisor of elections.

Nick Evans

The conservative group Americans For Prosperity has released scorecards for all 160 members of the Florida Legislature. 

Florida House of Representatives

Tallahassee representative Alan Williams is counting on his experience as a state legislature in his bid to run the Leon County Elections Office.

Local Lawmaker Prepares For Final Session

Sep 21, 2015
Florida House of Representatives

Tallahassee Lawmaker Alan Williams is preparing for his final session in the Florida Legislature. In anticipation of his final term, the District 8 Representative is taking the time to thank his constituents.

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With Florida Governor Rick Scott’s ratification of SB 228, Florida joins 21 other states that allow online voter registration.

Local lawmakers want $250,000 to renovate the St. Marks lighthouse.
By Mosamiazaz / wikimedia Commons

Florida lawmakers are heading back to Tallahassee June first to pick up where they left off on budget negotiations. The Big Bend’s regional delegation is banking on the special session to get some local projects funded.