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Doctors, Dentists React To Medicaid Ruling

Jan 5, 2015

Florida healthcare providers and advocates recently won a lengthy court battle against the state Medicaid’s program. 

Florida doctors and dentists argued Medicaid was shortchanging them on reimbursement rates. U.S. appellate Judge Adalberto Jordan agreed.

Florida Dental Association President Richard Stevenson says low reimbursement was a major factor for dentists in the state refusing to accept Medicaid patients.  Stevenson says he is looking forward to legislators providing enough funds to better care for the state’s underserved and vulnerable populations.

Friday marked closing arguments in a lawsuit over the state’s Medicaid program that’s being going on since 2005. Lynn Hatter reports the suit was brought by a group of doctors and parents who say children on Medicaid don’t have access to quality care.

The Florida Dental Association has released a “white paper” on access and the impact of dentistry in Florida. The study says 70-percent of Floridians have no problems finding dentists to care for their needs. But Lynn Hatter reports for the people who can’t find dental care, the greatest gap is in the state’s Medicaid program, and the children who are covered by it.

Florida’s Medicaid plan is wrapped up in a lawsuit alleging the state doesn’t provide adequate dental and medical care for children. Regan McCarthy reports experts say that’s because Florida’s physician reimbursement rates are so low.