Red Light Cameras


The Florida Supreme Court will weigh in on red light cameras after the Legislature decided not to pull the plug.

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A legislative effort to ban red light cameras throughout the state of Florida is back. But, as in years past, it’s sure to encounter opposition from one of the cameras’ original champions.

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Two Florida appeals courts are at odds over red light cameras after a Wednesday ruling.

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Red light cameras may be up and running in the city of Midway, but for the next few weeks, violators won’t be paying any fines.

A fiercely determined widow turned traffic safety advocate is declaring victory after conservative Republicans failed to ban red light cameras in Florida.

Members of the House Appropriations Committee faced a tough decision Tuesday when a widow and traffic-safety activist begged them not to repeal a red-light camera law named after her former husband.

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Florida lawmakers want to put the brakes on what some call a thinly veiled money maker for municipal governments. A House panel greenlighted a plan Thursday to ban red light cameras.

Red Light Cameras Soon To Be Removed From Tallahassee

Jun 30, 2015
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For five years, Tallahassee used red light cameras to prevent wrecks and fatal deaths. The city is now getting rid of the unpopular devices.

House plans for red light cameras would prohibit using them for right on red violations.
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A House measure placing greater restrictions on the use of red light cameras passed its first committee this week.  While it differs from a similar proposal in the Senate, the arguments against it sound about the same.

Sen. Jeff Brandes (R-St.Petersburg) is shepherding a bill through the Senate that calls for new requirements on red light cameras.  Namely, jurisdictions that employ cameras would need to submit annual reports and show they’ve already tried alternative safety measures before setting up any new ones. 

Capital Report: 03-06-2015

Mar 6, 2015

With the ink barely dry on its water policy legislation, the House is already mapping out a plan for land conservation. As Jim Ash reports, Republican leaders began focusing Friday on Amendment 1 and how it fits in to preserving and managing wilderness acres.

Florida lawmakers are looking into reforms related to mental health and substance abuse issues and how it relates to the state’s child welfare system. Sascha Cordner reports.

Florida legislation could impose greater state oversight on red light cameras.
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Using cameras to write tickets was greenlit years ago, but now a state lawmaker is calling for those green lights to turn yellow.  As Nick Evans reports, Senator Jeff Brandes is pushing for municipalities to report on existing red light cameras and try alternative measures before setting up more.

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Discussion of a Senate bill aiming to abolish all red light cameras in Florida was postponed Wednesday after several amendments  failed to pass the Transportation Committee.

The bill is similar to Rep. Frank Artiles’ (Rep-Miami) House bill, which has been the subject of controversy since its filing in early January. After failing to abolish red light cameras in a bill in last year’s session, Artiles added amendments to cut fines for red light runners caught on camera and establish alternate methods of preventing red light running.

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A bill formerly aimed at banning new red light cameras from going up across the state got watered down Monday. The measure now aimed at putting guidelines for red light camera citations as well as regulating how local governments spend the money still has some concerned.

“Red light safety cameras have a human value. One person had to die in order to save others, and that one person was my husband,” said Melissa Wandall.

Capital Report: 03-24-2014

Mar 24, 2014

The relationship between traditional public schools and their charter counterparts has long been fraught with tension.  That relationship may get even worse, despite claims by Florida lawmakers.  Lynn Hatter reports school districts are fighting a proposal to standardize charter school contracts that opponents say strips critical decision making from locally-elected school officials.

Red Light Bill Hearing Postponed Amidst Controversy

Mar 20, 2014
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Discussion of a controversial bill disallowing red light cameras in Florida was postponed in its first Senate committee stop Thursday. Supporters and detractors sparred over the usefulness of the devices.

“Red light cameras save lives,” Ponce Inlet Chief of Police Frank Fabrizio says.

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An attempt to get rid of Florida’s red light cameras may have failed last year, but this year, one lawmaker is taking another direction—one he calls a compromise. But, the idea to essentially stop any new red light cameras from going up across the state is also causing some controversy.

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Controversial city ordinances allowing cameras to catch people running red lights were the subject of arguments before the Florida Supreme Court Thursday. The issue in the case is whether cities using the cameras are in conflict with state traffic law.

The case stems from two challenges to red-light-camera laws in Orlando and the Miami suburb of Aventura. On behalf of one driver, lawyer Andrew Harris says the penalties for running a red light under city ordinances are more severe than what’s laid out in state statute.

A group of state lawmakers cleared a bi-partisan proposal to stop the use of red light cameras across the state. But, it was a close call. Opponents say it’s a matter of public safety, while proponents say the bill is a way to end what they call “a purely revenue-driven law.”

About two and a half years ago, former Florida Governor Charlie Crist signed a bill into law that allows local governments to install red light cameras. The aim was to encourage safe driving.

Tallahassee is expanding its effort to cut down on red light runners. As Sascha Cordner reports, the city is adding red light cameras to an intersection which has had more than 100 crashes in a two-year span.

The intersection of Capital Circle Northeast and Mahan Drive is ranked among the top five in terms of Tallahassee crashes in 2010 and 2011. So, Tallahassee’s Traffic Mobility Manager Allen Secreast says the city has installed two red light cameras, which will come online Wednesday: