There’s only one day left for lawmakers to decide what the state of testing will be in Florida’s public schools. It's now up to the House to decide what to do with testing and recess.

Florida lawmakers are preparing to wrap several education policy issues into a single deal—what’s often called a “train” bill in legislative parlance. The massive proposal represents an emerging compromise on everything from school testing to recess.

Leon County Schools

As the Florida legislature weighs whether to make recess mandatory for elementary schoolers, the Leon County School board is trying to get ahead.

Leon County Schools

New Leon County School Board member Rosanne Wood sees opportunity in recent moves to expand recess in schools.

Lynn Hatter / WFSU News

Remember those school yard days of monkey bars and tetherball filling the recess time? In Florida, that time is optional for schools and districts. And while some kids get to enjoy recess, others don’t. Now the state legislature is stepping in to restore “Recess for All” and they’ve got some powerful backers: Florida Parents.