racial segregation

Florida State University

After much debate and controversy, Florida State University will change one building’s name, keep another building’s name as is and relocate a founder’s statue.

Report: Florida Schools Beginning To Re-Segregate

Sep 27, 2017
Leroy Collins Institute

Florida schools are beginning to re-segregate by race and income, that’s according to a new public policy report. Highly segregated schools are found in metropolitan urban areas of Florida, with the highest concentration in Miami. The study is from the Leroy Collins Center. And co-author Gary Orfield says schools with more minority students are getting fewer resources.

Demonstrators on Fort Lauderdale beach.
Florida Archives

Martin Luther King Day is an opportunity to commemorate one of our country’s greatest national figures, but it’s also a chance to recognize the civil rights movement he shepherded.  Florida lawmakers are working on a measure to rename a Broward County beach in honor of two local civil rights leaders.

Florida State Archives

Photos chronicling Florida’s role in the civil rights movement are now on display at Tallahassee’s Museum of Florida History. The exhibit opens just ahead of next week's 50th anniversary of the signing of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

Everyday racial segregation, sit-ins and arrests that happened in Florida are all depicted in photos that will be presented in a slide show at the museum Friday night.