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Gulf County Schools To Close For Flu Friday

Jan 25, 2018

The Gulf County School district announced schools would be closed Friday, January 26. It’s the latest sign of a harsh flu season.

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An organization that deals a lot with human trafficked kids says it’s important to go into the schools and educate potential victims early about traffickers.

A bill to shield public schools from lawsuits when groups like the local little league or individuals use their facilities after hours, is making its way through the legislature. Lynn Hatter reports the proposal has had an easy ride through most of its committee stops, and faces little resistance.

Senator Jim Norman says the intent behind his public school sovereign immunity bill is simple:

 “This is so needed. Taxpayers paid for these properties. Taxpayer properties that are sitting there when kids in the communities cannot access these properties.”  

Capital Report: 01-20-2012

Jan 20, 2012

Capital Report Rundown - Friday

The House Redistricting Committee is moving closer to choosing new congressional and state house maps. James Call reports Friday, lawmakers held a three hour workshop on proposals and the committee chairman says he intends to bring a plan to the full House in two weeks.


Members of the Florida House of Representatives are wasting no time getting to work in shaping a budget for 2012. The chamber’s higher education committee was the first to hear the governor’s budget recommendations, which call for no cuts to the state’s public colleges and universities. But as Lynn Hatter reports, some lawmakers are expressing concern with another request by the governor, who has told the schools to give back 250-million dollars in construction money.