public records exemption

Florida's League of Cities lobbies to protect local authority.
Steven Adams via Flickr

Florida’s League of Cities has a full slate of pet projects for the coming session.  The issues center on defending local governing authority, but the League is also backing a controversial public records exemption.

The public records exemption is a constant in every legislative session. Ever since a majority of Floridians amended the state constitution to ensure broad access to governmental records and meetings, restrictions to public meetings and records increase every legislative session.

A trio of bills having to do with alternative energy sources passed through a House subcommittee on Tuesday. The most debate surrounded a proposed public-records exemption for high-tech companies trying to win business from public utility companies.

Companies trying to win business from public utility companies could have their information shielded from the public, if a bill passes the Florida Legislature. Major city utility companies, like the ones in Jacksonville and Orlando, want to keep the tech companies’ information secret during the bidding process.