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About $5 million separates the Florida House and Senate’s criminal justice budget. But, while there are some differences, there are areas where both chambers agree.

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Duval County Democrat Audrey Gibson is pushing a measure that would make state attorney and public defender non-partisan offices.  

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A bill building on past reforms to Florida’s prison system is continuing to take shape.

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The state’s court system will be a top priority next year in Florida’s criminal justice budget. That’s what a group of Florida lawmakers have vowed to do.

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The Florida Supreme Court Monday wrestled with the implications new technology has for Floridians’ privacy. At issue is whether a person has a reasonable expectation of privacy when using mobile devices.

In 2007 Shawn Tracy was arrested for cocaine possession in Broward County after police tracked him using his cell phone data. Police did have a warrant for what’s called “historical data,” including numbers dialed and previous locations of Tracy’s phone, but public defender Tatjana Ostapoff argued following Tracy in real time violated Tracy’s Fourth Amendment rights.

Bill Aims To Keep Lawyers In Public Sector

Sep 25, 2013


It’s the second time Broward Democrat James Waldman has filed a bill allowing the state to pay for its public defenders and state attorney’s student loan debt. If the measure becomes law, any public defender or state attorney that works for Florida for three to six years would have their loans paid off directly. Waldman said because most lawyers incur massive debt after law school, many don’t have a choice but to flee to the private sector.

Capital Report: 09-13-2013

Sep 13, 2013

Florida’s Agency for Persons With Disabilities has won a lawsuit challenging its budgeting process. As Lynn Hatter reports, an administrative law judge this week upheld the legality of iBudget, and agency officials say it’s time to move on.

If you can’t afford a lawyer in Florida, as in the rest of the country, you get assigned one – often a public defender.  But when public defenders go up against state attorneys, is it a fair fight?  As Regan McCarthy reports, the amount of money spent by the state on each side of the ledger is anything but equal.