After months of protests the federal government is rerouting the North Dakota Access Pipeline, the Sabal Trail gas pipeline is still undergoing construction. Florida clean energy advocates see the move as a way to generate awareness of another one: Sabal Trail. The group ReThink Energy Florida wants to warn people about the dangers of a pipeline.

Regan McCarthy WFSU News

The president elect of the United States is known as a climate change denier and that has some environmental activists saying now is the time to organize.

The Florida Public Service Commission has approved Florida Power and Light’s contracts with the companies that will build a new natural gas pipeline in the state.

The project is expected to cost more than $3.5 billion and the commission also  signed off on letting Florida Power and Light recoup the cost of transporting natural gas through the system by charging customers additional fees. Those fees would pay for a project that could carry $15 billion worth of natural gas over the next 25-to-40 years.


Florida is one of the top states when it comes to natural gas consumption, but according to energy industry officials, much of the gas the state uses is stored elsewhere. To address that issue, Florida Power and Light is planning a 600-mile pipeline to bring more natural gas into the state.

The pipeline would run from Southwest Alabama, through Georgia and down to Central and South Florida. Florida Power and Light’s Micheal DeBock says its construction will help boost the state’s storage capacity.