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Florida A&M University and its union workers are at an impasse over their collective bargaining agreement. Monday morning both sides met with Special Magistrate Adrienne Trott to express their concerns.

Florida Department of Corrections

Despite a series of efforts, the Florida Department of Corrections is still facing a significant staffing shortage. The agency’s vacancy rates have more than doubled in the last year.

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State workers are in for a raise after Governor Rick Scott approved a sweeping measure earlier this week.  But the pay bump comes with a tradeoff.

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What’s ahead legislatively for Florida prison and juvenile justice systems?

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If Governor Rick Scott gets his way, Florida’s correctional and probation officers will receive a pay bump.

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The Florida Senate’s new budget chair is coming out in support of Governor Rick Scott’s plan to provide pay raises for the state’s law enforcement agencies.

Florida Department of Corrections

Florida’s largest state agency is asking the Governor and the state Legislature for more than $147 million. While Florida Department of Corrections officials say pay increases are among their top legislative priorities, the union that has taken back the bargaining rights for the department’s correctional officers hopes even more money will be forthcoming.

Florida’s correctional officers and probation officers want their old union back. After a recent vote, the Florida Police Benevolent Association won the right to represent the officers.

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A bill seeking a three percent pay raise for state employees unanimously passed its first Senate panel Monday. And, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are mulling over the issue as well.

Florida Department of Corrections

Governor Rick Scott wants the state legislature to approve more than $80 million to help Florida’s prison system, and the state’s prison chief says it’s needed.

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Several correctional officers from across the state are hoping Florida lawmakers will consider raising their pay during the 2016 legislative session.

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 Update 4/2/2015: Senate President Andy Gardiner says increased budget uncertainty following the federal government's decision to delay talks about healthcare funding, may eliminate state employee pay raises from future budget consideration.

This week is National Corrections Week, and Gov. Rick Scott took some time away from his “Teacher Pay Raise Victory Tour” to praise Florida’s correctional officers. He’s also reminding them about his efforts to get them higher pay. But, some say the state could do more for Florida’s prison officers.

In a video message, Scott says he’s thankful correctional officers are keeping Florida safe.

State of Florida employees and public school teachers are slated for pay raises. But the amount of money they’ll get depends on their current salaries, and in the case of teachers, their annual performance evaluations.

State workers may soon get their first pay raise in more than six years. Both House and Senate budgets include funding for the salary increases. The House version of plan gives state employees about $1,400, and some are hoping the Senate may top that.

Democratic Senator Bill Montford’s district is full of state workers. He represents the Capital City and surrounding counties. He’s been pushing for raises for state workers for years, and says the House’s $1,400 figure is a good start.

Gov. Rick Scott’s $74 billion proposed budget includes lowering the corporate tax rate to exempt another 2,000 businesses and getting rid of sales taxes on manufacturing equipment. He also wants to increase education spending by $1.2 billion, which includes a $2,500 pay raise for full time teachers. State employees would get a $1,200 bonus.

“On top of that, we have a variable pay component. So 15 percent of workers can get $5,000, and another 20 percent can get $2,000 in variable pay annually, going forward. I want to reward the most effective employees," Scott said Thursday.  

It’s been more than five years since Florida's state employees got a raise. Now  Senator Bill Montford, D-Tallahassee, says he’s prepared to offer budget language to give state employees salary increases.

Florida’s required three-percent pension contribution law and the expiration of federal tax breaks has meant fewer dollars in the pockets of state employees. Senator Bill Montford, Democratic Whip,  sits on the Senate Appropriations Committee. He says he can’t predict the state’s budgetary future, but that he’s prepared to put an offer on the table for state workers:

Leon County teachers could soon be seeing a pay increase.  Negotiations between the district, and the local union are underway as both sides look for a deal.

It’s been more than three years since Leon County school teachers got a pay raise. During that time, the district lost about $100 million due to state budget cuts, and it also closed some schools and shrunk programs. However, unlike other areas of the state, the district managed to avoid teacher layoffs. School board chairwoman Joy Bowen says the negotiations for raises have been a long time coming.