Open Carry

Commissioner Adam Putnam, flanked by state officials and Florida guard members, speaking at an armory in Tallahassee.
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Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam is touting a two year old program fast tracking concealed weapons permits for veterans and National Guard members.  And the Republican is mulling whether he’d expand where those licenses are valid if he wins the governor’s race.

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A number of NRA-backed bills are now headed to the House floor. That includes a bill making changes to Florida’s Stand Your Ground law and another allowing guns on private school property.

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A strongly divided Florida Supreme Court upheld Florida’s ban on openly carrying firearms.

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Shootings in Fort Lauderdale and Orlando haven’t dampened one lawmaker’s support for less restrictive gun policy.

Rep. Matt Gaetz speaking before the House Judiciary Committee.
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A controversial guns provision passed its final committee stop Thursday.  The measure allowing concealed weapons license holders to carry openly is headed for the House floor.

U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) speaking flanked by Sen. Maria Sachs (D-West Palm Beach) and Sen. Chris Smith (D-Fort Lauderdale)
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Republicans in the Florida Legislature are leading the charge to expand gun rights in public places.  Democrats are doing their best to slow the progress.

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There are few issues that find more support among the Republican Party than guns, and Florida’s GOP dominated statehouse is no exception.  When lawmakers return to Tallahassee for the 2016 regular session, they’ll be coming back loaded for bear.

Open Carry is one stop away from the Florida House floor.
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A bill allowing the open carry of firearms narrowly passed its second House committee Wednesday.  It’s getting pushback from local law enforcement officials.

A Senate Panel Tuesday approved a bill allowing concealed weapon permit holders to openly carry their guns. But with a couple of powerful special interest groups still up in the air, the proposal's future could be in doubt.