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Local residents need to watch out for financial fraud scams via social media sites.

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Florida State University is warning its employees to be aware of a scam targeting other universities across the country called the University Payroll E-mail Scam.

“And, in the case that we’ve seen recently, people have attempted to use e-mails that purport to be from the institutions, saying that you’ve received a raise and to confirm the raise, you need to login to the payroll system to confirm the raise,” said Brian Rue, FSU’s Associate Director of Information Security.

MGN Online

Bay County Sheriff’s deputies are warning residents about a scam in which a phony post office website charges a fee for address changes.

On Monday, deputies say they were alerted to the scam, after receiving complaints from two local victims. They say they were told to change their address with the U.S. Postal Service via an online website.

But, authorities say after using the website, not only were their addresses not changed, the victims paid a 40 dollar fee for the non-service.