Tallahassee Community College

Legislative researchers have found nearly half of the state’s nursing programs are underperforming.  But Tallahassee area programs are in the clear.

Tallahassee Community College

Florida’s public university system is developing a program to address a shortage in nurses. The American Academy of Nursing has projected a shortfall extending through 2030.

Tallahassee Community College

Florida has joined a multi-state nursing compact making it easier for nurses from other states to practice here. And some highly trained nurses and physician assistants can now prescribe controlled medications.

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Florida’s nursing profession could see some new recruits.  A plan to let Florida join a multi-state licensure compact is working its way through the legislature.

The nation’s health care delivery system is undergoing major changes, and the lines between what different healthcare providers do is beginning to blur. That’s the backdrop for fights between doctors, nurses and pharmacists, and those fights have become an annual occurrence at Florida’s Capitol, as each group tries to increase or maintain its scope-of-practice.

To put it plainly, these are turf battles. At the center is this debate: access, versus quality. 

Tallahassee Community College

Tallahassee Memorial Hospital has a problem:

“Our BSN nurses that come to us from FAMU and FSU typically don’t stay more than two years. They’re not local people," says TMH's head of nursing, Barbara Alford.

The hospital faces a shortage of undergraduate degree holding nurses, because the ones it does receive from the universities tend to move on quickly.