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Needle Exchange Program Passes Committee

Jan 24, 2018

New legislation expanding a needle-exchange program moved through both the Florida House and Senate today. 

Joe Mabel via wikimedia commons

As opioid abuse rises across the state some lawmakers are pushing to clear the way for more needle exchange programs.  Many physicians whole-heartedly support the strategy as a way to reduce the harm of drug abuse.

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Florida Gov. Rick Scott has signed off on a needle exchange pilot program in Miami-Dade County.  Advocates believe it’s the best way to counter a wave of new HIV infections.

Governor Scott flanked by House Speaker Steve Crisafulli (left) Senate President Andy Gardiner (right) and Senate Minority Leader Arthenia Joyner (far right).
Nathan Edwards, Office of the Governor

Time is running out for Florida Gov. Rick Scott to have his say on a number of bills.  If Scott does nothing the legislation becomes law.

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There are about 200 bills waiting for Florida Governor Rick Scott’s approval or veto.  Lawmakers passed a number of measures close to their hearts, but they missed out on some proposals as well.

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There’s just one hurdle left for a Miami-Dade needle exchange program.  The long-awaited pilot passed the House Wednesday.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Shalimar)
Florida Channel

The House Health and Human services committee sent two measures to the floor that would’ve been unthinkable just a few years ago.  The full House will now consider a needle exchange pilot program and a new medical marijuana proposal.

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After years of trying, lawmakers are finding success with a plan to create a needle exchange pilot program in Miami Dade County.

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A needle exchange program some lawmakers have been trying to get off the ground for years is moving in the House. 

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It’s happening slowly, but the Legislature’s posture toward illicit drugs is shifting.  But even as lawmakers revisit long-standing attitudes, supporters face significant hurdles in their effort to reinvent Florida policy.

Florida Lawmaker Pushes For Needle Exchange

Oct 23, 2015

The Obama Administration has a new plan to combat the abuse of heroin and prescription drugs. The president is calling for a shift away from incarceration, and towards prevention, and a Florida Democratic Representative is working on just that: a needle exchange program.

Rep. Katie Edwards (D-Plantation) is moving forward with a needle exchange pilot program.
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A Broward County lawmaker’s plans for a needle exchange program are gaining traction. The House Health Quality Subcommittee approved Representative Katie Edwards’ plan Tuesday for a pilot program at the University of Miami.

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Rep. Katie Edwards is hoping the fourth time’s the charm for a needle exchange pilot program in south Florida.  The Sunrise Democrat is sponsoring the measure in next year’s legislative session.