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Compressed Natural Gas is making an impact on Leon County Schools, fueling district buses with compressed natural gas from Nopetro stations.  

Sabal Trail Transmission, LLC. /

The Sabal Trail Pipeline is scheduled to start up this week, carrying natural gas from Alabama to Central Florida. Federal regulators approved the activation of the project earlier this summer. But environmentalists are worried about potential impacts to the state’s waterways.

The Florida Public Service Commission has approved Florida Power and Light’s contracts with the companies that will build a new natural gas pipeline in the state.

The project is expected to cost more than $3.5 billion and the commission also  signed off on letting Florida Power and Light recoup the cost of transporting natural gas through the system by charging customers additional fees. Those fees would pay for a project that could carry $15 billion worth of natural gas over the next 25-to-40 years.

Florida is one of the top states when it comes to natural gas consumption, but according to energy industry officials, much of the gas the state uses is stored elsewhere. To address that issue, Florida Power and Light is planning a 600-mile pipeline to bring more natural gas into the state.

The pipeline would run from Southwest Alabama, through Georgia and down to Central and South Florida. Florida Power and Light’s Micheal DeBock says its construction will help boost the state’s storage capacity.

A trio of bills having to do with alternative energy sources passed through a House subcommittee on Tuesday. The most debate surrounded a proposed public-records exemption for high-tech companies trying to win business from public utility companies.

Companies trying to win business from public utility companies could have their information shielded from the public, if a bill passes the Florida Legislature. Major city utility companies, like the ones in Jacksonville and Orlando, want to keep the tech companies’ information secret during the bidding process.

Tallahassee natural gas customers should see lower charges on their next utility bills. As Sascha Cordner reports, at the start of April, natural gas rates for residential customers decreased by three-percent.

General Manager for Tallahassee’s Underground Utilities Mike Tadros says thanks to more residents turning to natural gas as a fuel source, the city is seeing much lower rates.

Florida Power and Light officials say a new 1,277 megawatt power plant at Port Everglades in Broward County will save customers money and be better for the environment, but Regan McCarthy reports some argue the company is paying more attention to the needs of Wall Street than to rate payers.

A different kind of gas station is being built on Tallahassee’s west side.  Tom Flanigan reports this station will dispense natural gas, both for Leon County school buses and anyone else who wants to use it….

Hundreds of people ignored the occasional raindrops to attend Tuesday’s groundbreaking near the corner of Capital Circle and Highway Twenty.  Governor Rick Scott even added the occasion to his schedule.

A Senate committee moved forward with a bill Monday that raises the possibility of cutting the state's reliance on natural gas to fuel power plants and also includes tax incentives for renewable-energy companies.  James Call reports Senators appear confident that they can develop a state energy policy but advocates for renewable and alternative sources of energy are calling on lawmakers to develop a bolder policy.

While a Florida Senate Committee was considering alternative fuels for the state’s power plants Monday, an alternative energy car was attracting attention just a few miles from the Capitol.  Tom Flanigan reports the car is part of a growing movement to power motor vehicles with natural gas instead of gasoline.