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Tallahassee Community College has received $1 million from the National Science Foundation to launch a STEM scholars program for students studying science, technology, engineering or math.

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A new study published by the journal Water Resources Research casts a troubling light on the American fetish for an emerald green lawn. 

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The National Science Foundation has awarded three professors from Florida A&M University a $100,000 grant. They plan to use the money on an interdisciplinary research project at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory.

The project, called “EAGER: Magnetic Interrogation of Mesoscale Materials,” involves three studies, including research on clean energy production and efforts to decrease U.S. dependency on foreign imports. FAMU physics Professor Mogus Mochena co-wrote the project proposal and says the research will draw from a number of scientific fields.

Tallahassee Community College has been awarded a nearly 200 thousand dollar grant for its science, technology, engineering, and mathematics disciplines.  TCC said the money should help fill the gap left by big universities.

Florida Senator Bill Nelson made a campaign stop Tuesday at the National High Magnetic Field Lab in Tallahassee. Nelson used the stop to criticize his Republican opponent’s vote to cut science funding.

“My opponent voted in May of this year 2012, he voted for a 1.2 billion dollar cut to the National Science Foundation,” Nelson said.

Nelson, Florida’s Senior U.S. Senator, also slammed Connie Mack’s proposed “penny plan” that would reduce federal funding for the National Science Foundation over ten years. The foundation is a key funding source for the local Mag Lab.

Two Florida State University faculty members are receiving $1.6 million in research grants. The money is coming from the National Science Foundation.

Elizabeth Stroupe, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences, has won a five-year award worth $997,000 and Kenneth Knappenberger has received an award for $600,000.