National Guard Armory

The Florida National Guard is asking the state legislature for $2 million to help make sure facilities are secure.

Governor Rick Scott's office

Building on a recent Executive Order from Governor Rick Scott, the Florida Department of Agriculture is taking steps to protect members of the military and veterans. The state’s concealed weapons permit applications process for people in those categories will now be sped up.

The National Guard Armory on Northwest Capitol Circle was briefly evacuated Wednesday after a bomb threat. Law enforcement officials are searching for a suspect who may be armed, said Tallahassee Police Department spokesman, David Northway.

Tallahassee police car
Urban Tallahassee

Officials evacuated the National Guard armory in Tallahassee Tuesday after an unknown person claimed he left a bomb there. Employees have now been allowed to return to the building.

Governor's office

A bill aiming to make Florida the most veterans-friendly state in the nation got signed into law Monday. Surrounded by several military personnel and elected officials, the Governor signed the measure at a National Guard Armory in Panama City.

There are about 1.5 million veterans in Florida, and Governor Rick Scott says in signing the so-called “G.I. bill,” his hope is it makes Florida a better place to live for even more veterans.