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The losses Democrats took during the 2014 midterm election are causing rifts within the party ranks. Still the general consensus is for the party to unite and move forward. But, some political scientists say that can only happen once what’s called the “blame game” phase is over.

Losing Florida’s gubernatorial race was a big blow to Democrats in this election. They also lost a number of races across the state and the nation.

Among the losses were several seats in the Florida House—which created a GOP supermajority.

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While more men tend to favor Governor Rick Scott more, the final Quinnipiac poll of the Florida Governor’s race suggests by a double-digit margin, more women favor Democrat challenger Charlie Crist over the Republican incumbent. But, in the last part of our two-part series, we’ll find out of top Democrat women actually feel the same way about the Republican-turned-Democrat.

“Please join me in welcoming the candidate, the man who will win the Democratic ticket to victory in November, Governor Charlie Crist,” said Nan Rich, introducing Crist at a rally.

Crist's "Restore the Cuts" kickoff event brought supporters and opponents
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Charlie Crist is touring the state in a school bus touting his stance on education. His kickoff event got hijacked by opponents on the right and the left.

Charlie Crist is attacking Gov. Rick Scott’s record on education, notably targeting budget cuts of more than $1 billion under Scott’s watch.  Crist says this policy has crippled Florida’s schools.

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Monday is the last day for residents to register to vote in Florida’s August primary election.

The August 26th primary may be a few weeks away, but Duval County elections supervisor and Florida State Association of Supervisor of Elections President Jerry Holland says it’s important residents start preparing now.

Crist campaign

Republican-turned-Democrat gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist has picked his running mate, and it’s the Florida Democratic Party’s Vice Chair Annette Taddeo-Goldstein.

At a Miami stop Thursday, Crist announced he’d chosen Taddeo-Goldstein to be by his side as he hopes to go head to head against incumbent Governor Rick Scott.

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The deadline has passed for Florida’s gubernatorial candidates to get their names on the ballot, and hopefuls are turning their sights to their party’s primary.  But for some lesser known competitors, the first battle is just getting a chance to debate. 

On the Democratic side of the aisle, friction between Florida’s former Republican Gov. Charlie Crist and former Democratic State Sen. Nan Rich has been well documented.  Rich has been agitating for months to debate the former Republican governor and she says Floridians agree with her.

Nan Rich
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Democratic candidate Nan Rich has officially qualified to run for Florida governor. Rich is now the second Democratic candidate to file in the gubernatorial race after former Gov. Charlie Crist filed his papers Monday.

Former state Sen. Nan Rich filed her paperwork at the Florida Division of Elections Tuesday morning. This comes after Republican Gov. Rick Scott and former Republican-turned-Democrat Crist qualified to run on Monday.

Charlie Crist's Twitter

Republican-turned-Democrat Charlie Crist has now formally qualified to run for Florida Governor again in hopes of unseating current Governor Rick Scott. Qualifying for Florida's 2014 elections officially began Monday at noon.

At around 1:30 p.m. Monday, a Leon County teacher submitted Crist’s qualifying paperwork at the Florida Division of Elections. Crist says it’s because she believes there needs to be a change in leadership.


Twenty-nine candidates are running to be Florida’s next governor—but most voters likely can’t name more than two or three of them. How much is the news media to blame for that name recognition gap? The answer depends on whom you ask.

Since former Republican governor and new Democrat Charlie Crist entered the Florida governor’s race, every public opinion poll shows him easily out-pacing primary opponent Nan Rich. But former state Sen. Rich told reporters at the Capitol Wednesday not to count her out yet.

Rich says her grassroots campaign is gaining momentum. She compared herself to Barack Obama in 2007, a time when she says few people thought Floridians would vote for an unknown African-American president—but they did. Twice.


There’s a conservative Republican incumbent promising a $500 million tax cut. And a media darling former Governor who says he can serve the people better as a Democrat. And then there’s a Democratic challenger waging an uphill battle to be the state’s first female governor.

On Wednesday, as Gov. Rick Scott announced his budget priorities for the upcoming year, former Gov. Charlie Crist and former Florida Senate Leader Nan Rich took turns at the Capitol making their case for why they should be the next Florida governor. 

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A new poll shows Governor Rick Scott trailing Republican-turned-Democrat Charlie Crist with about a year to go before the 2014 gubernatorial election. The survey also shows there’s good news for Scott, despite Crist’s lead. But, though the poll doesn’t look good for another gubernatorial candidate in the race, she remains undeterred.

Governor Rick Scott-Charlie Crist Matchup

Fla. Womens' Group Endorses Nan Rich

Nov 15, 2013

The potential for Democratic candidate for Florida Governor Nan Rich besting newly minted Democrat Charlie Crist in a primary is slim. But, that’s not stopping one women’s group from throwing its weight behind the gubernatorial underdog.

Florida Department of State

For months, pundits have been game planning the Charlie Crist-Rick Scott matchup – in fact, even before it officially existed.  But  a slew of other candidates have been in the race since long before either of the big name candidates, struggling all the while to make their campaigns relevant.

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The only former state officeholder currently seeking the 2014 Democratic gubernatorial nomination took a back seat during remarks made in Tallahassee Thursday to a man not even in the race.   The well-known Orlando lawyer who employs Charlie Crist sure made it sound like his friend will enter the race.

Crist 2014?

Florida’s 2014 primary elections are a little more than a year away and there’s a striking lack of people at the top of each party’s ticket.  Governor Rick Scott has repeatedly delayed picking a running mate and there’s been no Democrat anointed as Scott’s likely opponent. The process leading up to those decisions could be turning into a standoff between the parties.

Scott's Search Begins

You may not think the GOP would greet President Barack Obama with open arms. But, a Republican Florida Congressman as well as the head of the state’s Republican Party welcomed the President to Florida Wednesday in their own special way.

Florida Congressman Trey Radel, who serves the 19th Congressional District in Southwest Florida, didn’t exactly put out the welcome mat. He says President Obama is continually showing lack of leadership, from the IRS Scandal in which conservative groups may have been targeted to Obama’s recent visit to Miami.

The 2014 gubernatorial race is shaping up, as Governor Rick Scott has released his first campaign ad this week. While Scott has at least one Democratic challenger, other potential candidates are lining up to say “Don’t count me out.”

“Four years before I became Governor, the state had lost over 825,000 jobs. The unemployment rate had gone from 3.5 to 11.1 percent.”

Former Republican Governor Charlie Crist is officially a Democrat. Some say it reaffirms speculation he’s planning another run for Governor in 2014. But, others wonder what this means for the other Democrats who have thrown their hat into the ring.

Here’s how the list of who’ll run for Governor in 2014 is shaping up so far:

Governor Rick Scott has already said he’ll be running for re-election. Then, there’s former Senator Nan Rich, who’s the first Democrat to announce plans to run against Scott.

The latest in a controversial debate over a prison privatization plan has two Senate leaders butting heads. As Sascha Cordner reports, the spat is over a comment that the potential cost savings from privatizing about 30 South Florida prisons could lead to hundreds of jobs for teachers.

During a recent Senate Floor session, Republican Senator John Thrasher outlined why privatizing prisons could be a good thing:

Florida’s state employees may not have received a raise in years, but the lowest-paid state workers could be in line for a new benefit.  Tom Flanigan reports a Senate committee has voted to allow those employees to enroll their children in Florida’s low-income healthcare service.

For years, children in Florida’s low-income families have had an option for low-cost medical coverage called “Kidcare”.  But members of the Senate’s Health and Human Services Budget Subcommittee learned Thursday that one group of low-paid Floridians doesn’t have that option available to them.