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In preparation for Hurricane Irma, several VA facilities in the North Florida and South Georgia areas will be closed Monday to local veterans.

Florida Department of Veterans' Affairs

While the public is normally urged to “thank a Veteran” they meet, the head of Florida’s Department of Veterans' Affairs also wants people to ask a state vet about their earned federal and state health benefits.

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Tuesday, June 6, 2017 marked the 73rd anniversary of D-Day, the massive Allied invasion of Normandy. A Florida State University historian has dedicated much of his professional life to studying this event, which was the beginning of the end of the War in Europe.

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Attorney General Pam Bondi is touting her new initiative launched last month to help Florida’s military service members and veterans—the target of scams.

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A group of military veterans are calling on Florida Senate leaders to hear a bill that would increase penalties for defacing any Veterans memorial across the state.

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Did you know it’s worse to vandalize a public telephone than deface a Veterans’ monument in Florida? As one of the most populous states for veterans, Florida lawmakers are trying to correct that.

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Some Florida lawmakers aren’t too happy about President-Elect Donald Trump’s tweet criticizing what he calls the “out of control” costs for the Pentagon’s most expensive weapons program.

A Florida Panhandle lawmaker is the new vice chair on the Senate panel looking at military issues.

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The yearly "Operation Thank You Veterans' Day Breakfast" kicked off the Capital City's salute to those who served on Friday.

Now that the Governor’s signed it, a bill reforming mental health within Florida’s criminal justice system will become law in a few months. Some advocates say it’s been years in the making.

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Despite stalling in the legislature, a number of bills still managed to stay alive on the last day of session and were sent to Governor Rick Scott. That includes a measure involving the recital of the Pledge of allegiance in schools as well as another dealing with youth suicide prevention training.

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State lawmakers want to make Florida the most veteran friendly in the nation. This session, lawmakers are sticking with that pledge, with a push to improve veteran employment and education.

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A bill reforming mental health within Florida’s criminal justice system is continuing to move in the House and Senate.

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A bill involving the recital of the “Pledge of Allegiance” in schools has passed its first House Committee.

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Some Florida lawmakers are looking to fix what they call an outdated law related to saying the “Pledge of Allegiance” in schools.

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A plan to revamp mental health care in Florida’s criminal justice system passed its first House panel Wednesday.

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Florida lawmakers are slated to take up a measure Wednesday reforming mental health care within the state’s criminal justice system.

Rep. Graham Wants More Jobs For Vets

Nov 10, 2015
Kate Payne

North Florida Congresswoman Gwen Graham is pushing for more businesses to recruit and hire veterans. 

The Florida National Guard is asking the state legislature for $2 million to help make sure facilities are secure.


Two Florida lawmakers are combining their separate efforts aimed at helping military veterans as well as those deployed overseas.

There are a couple of local events this week aimed at reaching out to female entrepreneurs—specifically women veterans and low-income women.

The Florida Department Of Health Helps Veterans

Jun 9, 2015
The U.S Army

The Florida Department of Health is recruiting veterans in Florida. VALOR, the Veterans Application for Licensure Online Response system, helps veterans find employment in health care.

Florida Department of Veterans' Affairs

St. Lucie County is one step closer to becoming the next site for Florida’s newest veterans’ nursing home. That’s after several counties lobbied members of a select panel considering the next location to build the state’s seventh VA nursing home.

Governor Rick Scott has signed a bill into law redesigning military and veteran specialty license plates as well as updating references to certain wars under Florida’s statute.

The bill signed Thursday contains several provisions, including renaming the Korean Conflict Veteran special license plate to “Korean War.” Florida Department of Veterans’ Affairs Spokesman Steve Murray says it also makes that change in Florida statute along with replacing references to the “Vietnam Era.”