Miami-Dade County

Amendment 10 at the Capitol
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Florida officials are rallying behind Amendment 10, which would require certain local offices be elected rather than appointed. A number of local agencies gathered at the Capitol Monday to launch a statewide initiative supporting the proposal.

James Gathany / CDC/MGN Online

Florida has reported its second case of the Zika virus via local mosquitos.


Florida health officials have now confirmed more than a thousand cases of the Zika virus—the mosquito borne disease that can cause severe birth defects.

MGN Online

Governor Rick Scott has declared the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami "Zika free," and the federal Centers for Disease Control has lifted its Travel Advisory for that area.

James Gathany / CDC


A genetically engineered mosquito could stop the Zika virus from spreading. 

Maleficent Mollusks Not Just A Problem For Californians

Jul 15, 2014
Julie's hounds Via Flickr

Giant African Land Snails have become one of the U.S.’s most persistent invasive species.  They aren’t only causing California harm, but Florida as well. 

The maleficent mollusks, known as GALS for short, made headlines this past Monday when it was released that 67 of them were collected at Los Angeles International Airport over a one-month period. 

There does seem to be a more local problem however.  These destructive snails are very present in Florida’s own Miami-Dade County.