Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll

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Almost a year after Florida’s Lieutenant Governor resigned amid a racketeering scandal involving a supposed veteran’s charity, new charity rules have gone from talking points to ink on paper. The state’s Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam presented the 52-page proposal Wednesday while trying to quell conservative fears of over regulation.

Carroll Resignation Stirs Questions About Internet Cafes and Gov.'s 2014 Reelection

Mar 13, 2013
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Florida’s Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll has resigned amidst a criminal investigation involving her consulting firm. As the Florida Times-Union first reported, Carroll’s firm did work for internet café operator Allied Veterans of the World. Its owners were recently arrested on racketeering charges.

Carroll submitted a brief resignation letter Tuesday morning, saying simply, "it has been an honor to have served the state of Florida in this capacity".

Carroll's Controversies Overshadow History Making Election

Update 3:10 pm:   A sweeping multi-state investigation of a purported veterans' charity based in Florida has led to nearly 60 people indicted and the resignation of the state's lieutenant governor.
Florida Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll once did public relations for the charity Allied Veterans of the World. She was questioned in the investigation, but she has not been charged with wrongdoing.

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People driving past the Florida Capitol building Friday night might have noticed that it had a little more color. The state capitol joined other capitols around the country in being lit red in observance of National Heart Month.

Heart disease is responsible for one in four deaths in the United States. And for women, it’s their number one killer. It’s a truth Jamie Harris learned firsthand when her friend Lisa Cox collapsed from a sudden cardiac arrest.

Florida’s Lieutenant Governor is remaining tight-lipped on a federal investigation looking into allegations that she bribed a Republican Congressional candidate to drop out of the race.

On Monday, Carroll denied she offered any job to Congressional Candidate James Jett to drop out of the race to make way for U.S. Representative Cliff Stearns. A day later, her answer was relatively the same:

“I’ve already submitted…made my statement.”