Leon County Commissioner Bill Proctor

Lake Henrietta Park
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Leon County is honoring its first black female commissioner next month in a dedication ceremony. A local park will now be renamed in Anita Davis’ honor.

Jordon Proctor, the 21-year-old son of a county commissioner, is staying put in the Leon County jail for now.

The first court appearance for Leon County Commissioner Bill Proctor’s son is being delayed to give psychologists more time to complete a mental health evaluation.

Bill Proctor

The son of Leon County Commissioner Bill Proctor will remain in jail for now. 

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When it comes to lowering penalties for marijuana possession, discretion is key. In Leon County, law enforcement has the option to grant pre-trial diversion for adults who have 20 grams or less. And  some commissioners say if the program is working, why mess with it?

Pastor Julius McAllister discuss mental health and substance abuse
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Leon County Commissioner Bill Proctor is pushing for an assessment of available resources in Leon County to address mental health and substance abuse. The move comes after Proctor’s son was arrested this past weekend on drug charges.