Leon County Circuit Court

Florida Supreme Court

A Leon County Circuit Judge will hear arguments Wednesday in a lawsuit attempting to remove six constitutional amendments from the ballot in November. 

Scott Maddox via twitter / https://twitter.com/ScottCMaddox?lang=en

Voters will soon know if Tallahassee City Commissioner Scott Maddox legally resides in city limits. Leon County Judge Karen Gievers has until Tuesday to rule on the case investigating Maddox’s residency.


The Florida Supreme Court has removed Leon County Judge Judith Hawkins from the bench. Hawkins sold her religious books from her office to lawyers and staffers as part of her for-profit ministry.

The battle over the Florida Legislature’s 2012 re-districting efforts continued Friday in a hearing over the release of documents that may show further coordination between Republican legislators and a consulting group in Gainesville. Leon County Circuit Judge Terry Lewis held the Republican defendants in contempt of court for failing to release all of the documents requested.

Gaza Road Ministries

A Leon County Circuit Judge is being charged with using her office to promote her private business.

The Judicial Qualifications Committee or JQC, says Judge Judith Hawkins used her role as judge to promote her private, for-profit business, Gaza Road Ministries. Among the evidence gathered in the case are photos of Hawkins in her robe on the bench that are posted on the businesses website.