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After numerous complaints last week, Florida’s election agency says the glitches on its online voter registration website are fixed. But, if anyone sees any other issues going forward, they’re urged to report them immediately.


With a new change, a bill has narrowly passed its first Senate committee giving religious institutions the right to allow guns on their property, if they’re attached to a school. That’s after it’s failed twice before in that same committee for the 2018 legislative session.


A Florida lawmaker is filing a bill to find a way around the Electoral College. Rep. Joseph Geller (D-Aventura) wants the state to join the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. 

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Following last year’s mass shooting at an Orlando nightclub and this year’s at the Fort Lauderdale airport, some Republican lawmakers are showing even more support for open carry-related bills. But, a gun coalition as well as some Democratic lawmakers are countering those pro-gun bills with measures of their own.

Environmental, political and religious groups say they hope to eclipse a controversial solar power ballot initiative known as Amendment 1.


Following confusion over voter registration in the Presidential Primaries, the Florida League of Women Voters is trying to clarify how voters can be prepared for the upcoming Primary on August 30th.

The League of Women Voters, the NAACP, and a group calling itself, Generation Progress, are hosting an advanced screening of an HBO documentary, followed by a panel discussion this weekend. It centers around Florida’s controversial Stand Your Ground law.

Before and After: The image on the left depicts congressional district 5 before the proposed changes.  The small yellow circles indicate the changes in Marion county.
Select Committee on Redistricting

The Florida Supreme Court has thrown out the state’s congressional districts, saying they’re unconstitutional. The Court’s ruling marks the second time the state’s congressional maps have been invalidated.

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Florida’s League of Women Voters swarmed the Capitol on Wednesday to back the senate’s new healthcare expansion plan. Tuesday, the senate’s Health Policy Committee unanimously passed a bill that extends health insurance to more than 800,000 low income Floridians.

A bill allowing people to carry guns on college campuses, gun safety, and mental illness are just some of the topics that sparked heated discussion during a Tallahassee forum.

Florida League of Women Voters urge to ban guns on college campuses.
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The Florida League of Women Voters is urging the Legislature to keep guns off college campuses. The move comes in the wake of Monday’s shooting at Bethune-Cookman University in Daytona, Fla. 

The League says the shooting at Bethune-Cookman University raises its concern to another level. Three students suffered minor injuries during the incident. League President Deirdre Macnab says guns on any college campus is bad for safety.  

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Florida House Speaker Steve Crisafulli says his chamber is not interested in using federal dollars to add up to a million low-income people on the state’s Medicaid rolls. But some organizations aren’t taking “no” for an answer.

House Speaker Steve Crisafulli calls Medicaid a broken system, and says he’d rather pursue other aspects of healthcare—like expanding access through services like telemedicine, or letting nurses and other healthcare practitioners do more. What he’s not interested in: a Medicaid Expansion.

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Note: Every day this week, we took a look at amendments on the Florida ballot.

In the final installment of our amendment series, we’ll look at a proposed ethics reform ballot initiative that has a bipartisan group at odds with Tallahassee city officials.

It all started with the United Republic—a Massachusetts nonprofit group. Josh Silver is the director of Represent.Us, a project of United Republic.

Ahead of any general election, it can be easy for voters to get confused. And, at least one area of Florida is reporting confusion over the 2nd Amendment, the right to bear arms, to a medical marijuana initiative known as Amendment 2 set to appear on the November ballot.

Unlike the last general election, where voters were faced with 11 state constitutional amendments, this year they’ll only be faced with three—not counting local ballot initiatives.

Kelly on the stand
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As the legal trial over Florida’s congressional districts continued Thursday, the House of Representatives’ former head redistricting staffer took the stand.  Questioning focused on how much input Republican strategists were allowed to during redistricting.

Former House staffer Alex Kelly answered questions about the process of drawing new congressional districts over a two-year period.

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Florida House Speaker Will Weatherford testified on Day 2 of the two-week redistricting trial looking at whether Florida lawmakers broke the law in drawing Congressional districts in 2012. reports.

Part of Weatherford’s testimony Tuesday centered around the district occupied by Democratic Florida Congresswoman Corrine Brown.

Supporters of Florida’s open government laws have filed a lawsuit with the state Supreme Court attempting to overthrow state laws regarding blind trusts. 

The group says they aren’t targeting any one person, although the only current elected state official with a blind trust is Governor Rick Scott.

Florida Supreme Court

The Florida Supreme Court has ruled lawmakers should not be exempt from testifying about the redistricting process in a lawsuit challenging the state’s Congressional maps. The court says the public’s interest in fair districts outweighs legislative privilege in this case.

Florida Supreme Court
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Florida Supreme Court Justices expressed concern Monday about the chilling effect that could result from forcing lawmakers to testify about their intentions. The question must be settled before a suit challenging Florida’s congressional districts can continue.

The justices are weighing whether to uphold a lower court’s ruling that legislative privilege exempts lawmakers from having to testify under oath about their job, including the process of drawing new district boundaries last year.

Encouraging more women to seek public office is the goal of a first-of-its-kind initiative for the Big Bend area. Residents can learn more about the program through the “Women Can Run! Launch Party” Monday.

The Oasis Center for Women and Girls is partnering with several organizations, including the League of Women Voters and Leadership Tallahassee, to launch the Women Can Run! program. The Oasis Center’s Haley Cutler says the year-long effort will empower more women to have a voice in politics.

Should the Florida governor get to remove and replace people from the committees that nominate judges, whenever he wants? A bill that’s passed a House committee would allow just that, and it’s drawing fire from groups including the nonpartisan League of Women Voters and the Florida Bar.

“Legalized bribery and extortion” is how the League of Women Voters is describing a campaign-finance-reform proposal moving through the Florida Legislature. The group is strongly opposing House Speaker Will Weatherford’s proposal to raise campaign-contribution limits to 20 times the current cap.

Between long lines at several Florida polling locations, delayed ballot counts, and late results, Florida has been called “embarrassing” and has become the butt of many election jokes. The Governor and state election officials are now looking into what could be done to improve the state’s elections process, but some say that’s not enough.

Several Florida groups are calling for a task force that will look at election reform in the state. They say it’s needed to improve Florida’s election process, so that the state can no longer be ridiculed for issues during this election as well as past elections.

Voters in Florida rejected most of the proposed constitutional amendments on their ballots Election Day. Critics have even partly blamed the historically long ballot for the long lines at polling places. Out of 11, only three gained 60-percent of the votes needed to pass.