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It was a disappointing legislative session for Florida A&M University. The school lost out on its top building priorities, but lawmakers did give it a few million more in operational funds.

FAMU Board of Trustee Chairman Kelvin Lawson (left) sits with Interim FAMU President Larry Robinson (right) for the Florida Board of Governors confirmation hearing. 11/3/16
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Florida’s public university governing board has put its stamp of approval on Florida A&M University’s newest president. Larry Robinson was able to drop “interim” from his title in late November when the school’s trustees decided to name him to helm the school permanently.

FAMU Interim President Larry Robinson.
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Florida A&M University’s interim president moved a step closer to dropping "interim” from his title Wednesday. A committee of the school’s trustee board recommending naming Larry Robinson to head the university permanently.

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A few years ago, controversy surrounded the Florida A&M and Florida State Universities’ joint College of Engineering with talks of a possible split debated in the state legislature. But, the university presidents say now, things are going well with last year’s appointment of a new dean.

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Florida A&M University continues to be a top producer in the nation of African Americans in several fields. According to interim President Larry Robinson, that includes agriculture and architecture. There’s also health sciences, pharmacy, rehabilitation, and therapeutic professions.

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Florida A&M university may be one of the nation’s top historically black colleges or universities, but it’s the lowest performing university in the state. And, as FAMU’s interim President Larry Robinson unveiled his work plan Wednesday, he assured the Board of Governors that he’s working to change that.

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Interim Florida A&M University President Larry Robinson  wants to boost enrollment and rebuild relationships among FAMU stakeholders, and  the media.  Lynn Hatter spoke with Robinson on what he wants to accomplish during his time leading FAMU.

FAMU Board of Trustee Chairman Kelvin Lawson (left) sits with Interim FAMU President Larry Robinson (right) for the Florida Board of Governors confirmation hearing. 11/3/16
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Florida’s public university governing board has signed off on Presidents for two North Florida schools: Florida A&M University and the University of West Florida.

Florida A&M University is moving on with its search for a new president, after learning this week that its accreditation remains intact. The university is less than a month away from possibly naming a permanent president, but its interim chief is still on the job for now.

Larry Robinson is the man many involved with Florida A&M University credit for now twice pulling the institution back from the brink. Robinson says the lifting of accreditation probation means the school can now focus on student retention and graduation rates:

Florida A&M University will delay its search for a permanent leader until next year. The university board agreed Thursday to resume the search for a new president in January 2014.

The decision means Interim FAMU President Larry Robinson will stay on the job for another school year.


It’s the second time in less than five years the school is facing a sanction. This time, the problems stem from the hazing death of a drum major and lax oversight of funds given to the school band for travel. It’s also due to incomplete and fraudulent audits done by the school’s former auditor. In speaking with concerned students, faculty and staff in a hastily called town hall meeting. Interim FAMU President Larry Robinson said the stakes couldn’t be any higher for the troubled school:

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Monday marked one year since the hazing death of a Florida A&M University drum major. Students and faculty gathered together on the FAMU campus to remember the life of Robert Champion.

About 50 friends, former band mates and university faculty attended the vigil. Student Brandon Cunningham, former president of the school’s Marching 100, recalled the night that former band director Julian White told them the news.


Florida A&M University is looking to the future after nine months of negative attention stemming from the hazing death of school band Drum Major Robert Champion. There are also fewer students on campus this year as a result of declining enrollment, but school officials and students are cautiously optimistic that FAMU has turned a corner.

FAMU’s interim president Larry Robinson says he knows the past year has been rough for the school, and he urged students to consider how their actions can be perceived by others.


One of the first issues before FAMU’s Presidential search committee is to decide what kind of candidate it wants to lead the 124-year-old institution. Many of FAMU’s former presidents have been alumni and all have had ties to academia, but some say it might be time for FAMU to look outside the box:

“I think we should reach for a river, for wherever the leadership is that can run the school. We won’t be able to restrict leadership to a given category. That’s my personal opinion," said FAMU Board Chairman Solomon Badger.

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Florida A&M’s governing board reached a deal Monday to pay former President James Ammons more than $98,000 dollars in bonuses in exchange for speeding up his resignation date. Ammons was originally set to leave by October 11.  FAMU’s Provost Larry Robinson will serve as interim president at least until the school’s board meets in August. Student board member Marissa West called for Robinson’s appointment saying the university needs some stability: