Kim Williams

Here's the pile of scrap lumber before it goes through Marpan's wood chipper.
Nick Evans / WFSU News

Florida’s healthcare concerns are on the rise as discussions about Medicaid expansion slow to a crawl in the legislature. Now, members of the public are working to make their voices heard. Local business owner Kim Williams is one of the voices representing Florida’s small business owners.

Perspectives: Imagine Tallahassee

Jun 20, 2013

What will Tallahassee look like in five, ten, twenty years? The Imagine Tallahassee initiative is out to enlist as much of the community as possible in planning for that future. At the table: Mike Campbell, director of the North Florida Outreach Initiative for the Jim Moran Institute for Global Entrepreneurship in the Florida State U University College of Business; Kim Williams, president of Marpan; Tracey Cohen, president of Target Copy and Dale Brill, founder and CEO of ThinkSpot.

A Tallahassee small business has made it to the semi-finals of a nationwide contest sponsored by the National Retail Federation.  Tom Flanigan reports Polka Dot Press is competing with nineteen other firms in hopes of winning a large cash prize and national bragging rights….

Go to the National Retail Federation’s web site and click on the link to the “This is Retail” contest.  You’ll see twenty videos produced by small businesses from all over the country.  Including this one….