Kellen Winslow

Milton Overton of the University of Alabama has been named FAMU Athletics Director.
Florida A&M University

Florida A&M University has a new athletics director. The University of Alabama’s Milton Overton is the fourth person to fill the position since president Elmira Mangum was chosen to lead the school last year.

A former head football coach for Florida A&M University is suing FAMU for wrongful termination. 

Earl Holmes says he wants what he believes is owed to him.

FAMU fired Holmes in October just days before the annual homecoming football game, following a string of losses. Now Holmes’ attorney, Tim Jansen, says the university owes his client for terminating Holmes’ contract early. Jansen blames former Athletic Director Kellen Winslow.

Athletics Director Kellen Winslow

Update: 8:20 p.m.: Florida A&M University’s Interim Athletics Director is a familiar name at FAMU. Nelson Townsend will take over the job of Kellen Winslow Sr., who resigned Sunday.

Athletics Director Kellen Winslow

Update 11/12/14: Florida A&M University Athletics Director Kellen Winslow Sr. has issued a letter of apology to the campus community.

“Upon my arrival, it was evident that we had numerous issues that required immediate attention and I focused my energies on addressing those issues," Winslow wrote in a statement put out by FAMU.

Athletics Director Kellen Winslow

Florida A&M University’s new leader is laying out her priorities for the school. That includes focusing on boosting enrollment numbers, retaining students and increasing research. University officials say one way to grow FAMU’s numbers is by getting serious about athletics.

Donald DeBevoise

Florida A&M University plans to suspend its men’s golf and tennis programs in an effort to rein in a recurring budget deficit.

The move comes at the direction of the university’s new Athletics Director, Kellen Winslow, who, in a statement from the university, says “the current financial situation of the athletics department makes it imperative” to cut the programs. At many colleges and university’s athletics is responsible for raising its own money.  

Donald DeBevoise

Florida A&M University announced Wednesday the hiring of NFL Hall of Famer Kellen Winslow Sr. as the university’s next athletic director. Winslow believes he has the qualifications to revive FAMU’s athletic department.

FAMU President Elmira Mangum was among university officials announcing Winslow's appointment.