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Awake The State

While Governor Rick Scott was outlining his priorities in the State of the State address, Awake The State, the progressive advocacy group, was offering a much different take.

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When officials calculate a family’s income to determine whether they qualify for cash assistance programs, one lawmaker says current rules give families with an undocumented immigrant earner an unfair advantage.

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Republican backlash against federal immigration policy is reverberating in Tallahassee, with a handful of conservatives pushing get-tough proposals.

Federal healthcare "Navigators" meant to help low-income people sign up for health insurance have been barred from Florida’s county health departments. Health reform advocates are blasting the state for hindering access to coverage with the Navigator program scheduled to begin in two weeks.

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Months after reversing his position on expanding Medicaid coverage in Florida, Gov. Scott and other members of the Florida Cabinet say they aren’t sure giving personal information to insurance navigators is a safe bet. This week, Scott even accused the federal government of using a person’s sensitive information to populate a national database.

“We cannot stop the president’s plan to create a new federal database that compiles person information on Floridians and all U.S. citizens who enter the federal healthcare exchanges,” Scott said during a cabinet meeting Tuesday in Miami.