Judge Terry Lewis

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A Leon County circuit judge ruled Thursday the plaintiffs in Florida’s redistricting lawsuit can recover some of their legal costs, but not attorney’s fees.  The voting-rights activists are looking to a legal concept known as the “private attorney general” to make their request.

League of Women Voters attorney David King arguing at Wednesday's hearing.  The League vows to continue its fight.
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Lawmakers, lawyers and the League of Women voters converged on a Leon County Courtroom this week to argue the merits of Florida’s newly revised congressional districts.  The judge has upheld the new map, but the fight seems likely to continue.

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Florida lawmakers are returning to Tallahassee this week to redraw congressional voting districts invalidated by a judge. The move comes just weeks before voters head to the polls to cast ballots later this month.

Update 3:40 p.m: The move has raised questions about whether the state will be able to hold the scheduled August 26th primary but one local election’s supervisor is telling his constituents i’s business as usual.

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Florida’s legislature has been ordered to redraw two recently invalidated congressional districts in just two weeks.  A Leon County Circuit Court Judge has sent lawmakers back to the drawing board.

In an order released Friday, Judge Terry Lewis called on the Legislature to present a new congressional district map by August 15.  Lewis also ordered the Secretary of State to create a special election timeline.  Attorney for the plaintiffs Frederick Wermuth says Floridians could have a new map in time for Election Day.

Districts 5 and 10 on this map were declared unconstitutional earlier this month.
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Government officials say it’s too close to Election Day to make alterations to Florida’s recently-invalidated congressional districts, but the coalition of voting rights groups fired back Thursday.

The League of Women Voters say change is not impossible, and the 2014 election should not proceed without first redrawing Florida’s voting map – even if that means delaying the election. 

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Florida’s redistricting trial continued behind closed doors Thursday afternoon in accordance with a recent Florida Supreme Court decision. Reporters in the courtroom at the time of the closure told the judge they disagreed with the secrecy.

On Thursday, Republican strategist Pat Bainter was on the stand, scheduled to answer questions about hundreds of pages of documents generated at his firm, Data Targeting.

Associated Press reporter Gary Fineout was just outside the courtroom doors.

Florida Judge Blocks Parts Of PIP Reform

Mar 21, 2013

Last year the Florida legislature passed laws reforming the state’s personal injury protection or PIP.  Lawmakers decreased how much money insurance companies had to pay out and who could be paid.  The law was an effort to decrease insurance fraud, but a ruling by a Florida judge has temporarily blocked the reforms.

A Leon County judge declined to set aside the state's new congressional maps Monday, saying opponents of the plans had not proven that the Legislature violated new anti-gerrymandering standards.

The ruling is the latest in a string of wins  for state Republican leaders.