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Tallahassee City Commissioners say they support an ongoing effort to return Amtrak to the area. They recently unanimously voted yes on a resolution to restore the passenger rail service. The route would be between New Orleans and Orlando.

City of Tallahassee

Amtrak inspected Tallahassee’s train station Wednesday. The inspection is part of an effort to get Congress to fully fund getting the passenger rail service to come back to Tallahassee.

Food Trucks For Lunch? What A Capital Idea!

Mar 29, 2013
R.Benk / WFSU-FM

A long day of lawmaking can really work up an appetite and during the legislative session there’s little time and a limited choice for a good meal. But, food trucks are rolling in to the rescue.

The Johns Lot, named after a former Florida Governor, has been largely unoccupied since the Occupy Tallahassee protesters were evicted last year. Now the city is allowing food trucks to use the lot temporarily. Food Truck Association President Rebecca Kelly said the idea was a collaborative effort.

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The 2012 Democratic National Convention is underway in Charlotte, North Carolina and the incumbent party is making  its case for another four years in the Oval Office.

Walking the streets of bustling downtown Charlotte is Native Charlotte resident Janalyn Walton. She only has one criticism for Barack Obama’s first term in office.