John Gaddy

Florida Channel

While the Florida Senate is on its way to that path, the House has officially apologized to the survivors of the infamous Dozier School for Boys. It’s for the abuse they suffered at the hands of staffers at the state-run juvenile reform school in North Florida decades ago.

Sascha Cordner / WFSU-FM

Now that the work is complete on the now-closed Dozier School for boys, alleged abuse survivors and elected officials are now looking into ways of how to move forward together. A final report on the work done to reunite the remains of loved ones buried on the property with their families is still leaving all parties involved with some unanswered questions.

Michael Spooneybarger / Reuters/Landov

A group of researchers recently won state approval to exhume bodies buried on the grounds of the Dozier School for Boys in Marianna. But, some wonder what happens next?

A Troubled Past

John Gaddy is a much older man today, but as a boy he was sent to the North Florida reform school known as the Dozier School for Boys.

“When he pulled up at the reformatory, it looked so beautiful, but it was later when he put me on the black side, I began my hell,” said Gaddy.