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Florida's Attorney General and it's next Senate Minority leader are weighing in on the sex scandals that have rocked the state capitol in recent days. Both women are adding their voices to a growing chorus of concern about the behavior of lawmakers and lobbyists and the culture of the legislature.

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In the coming weeks, the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice will be putting the finishing touches on a newly created office where juveniles and their families can raise concerns. That’s just one of the reforms the head of DJJ recently told a group of lawmakers, who had some suggestions of their own to address abuses within the system outlined in a Miami Herald investigative series.

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Attorney General Pam Bondi says she backs workplace protections for members of the LGBTQ community. Her comments come amid a bill just filed again in the Florida legislature to prohibit discrimination against people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer.

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Florida lawmakers are expected to soon take a deeper look into the Miami Herald investigative series, which detailed abuses within the state’s juvenile facilities. A panel of legislators this week gave the head of the Florida’s juvenile justice system a preview of what’s to come.

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A panel of Florida lawmakers began a discussion this week to consider automatically restoring the civil rights of ex-felons who committed nonviolent crimes.

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Florida lawmakers are voting on legislation Thursday that would allow more religious expression in public schools. Bill sponsors said not allowing students and school employees to talk about their religions violates the First Amendment. But critics say these bills force Christian beliefs on others.

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A bill aimed at decreasing the number of juveniles charged as adults is still alive in the Florida Senate, after narrowly passing its first committee Monday.

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The 2017 Florida legislative session hasn’t yet started, but the Senate Democrats have already elected a new leader for 2018.

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Democratic lawmakers have drafted a 150-page primer for how the state should regulate medical marijuana if its use is approved by voters in the fall. But if their bill is passed, Rep. Joe Saunders (D-Orlando) and Sen. Jeff Clemens (D-Lake Worth) may have to answer to those in their party hoping marijuana voters are also Democratic voters. Monday, Senate Minority Leader Chris Smith (D-Ft. Lauderdale) stood up for his colleagues, but did allow that some members of his party are privately cringing.

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Traffic on Florida roadways could soon begin moving faster if a bill filed in the Florida Senate becomes law. But experts say more speed equals more accidents.

The bill, filed by Sen. Jeff Brandes (R-St. Petersburg) and Sen. Jeff Clemens (D-Lake Worth), would swap current 70-mile per hour speed limits on Florida interstates for 75 mile per hour thresholds. But Insurance Institute for Highway Safety spokesman Russ Rader says even though such bills might find political support, that doesn’t mean they’re smart.

Some mental health providers who practice sexual-orientation change therapy say they’re prepared to fight a Florida bill filed last week. One counselor from the same county as the bill’s sponsoring lawmaker says the measure amounts to discrimination against people of faith.

Bill Limiting Massage Parlor Hours Heads To Gov. Scott

Apr 30, 2013

Starting this fall, it will be a crime for massage parlors to stay open all night in Florida, if Gov. Rick Scott signs a bill headed for his desk. The bill regulating massage parlors is aimed at fighting human trafficking. And it passed both legislative chambers unanimously.

When Scott suspended 81 massage therapists for having fraudulent licenses in September, it was because a Clearwater Police investigation had found telltale signs of a human trafficking operation.

The Florida legislative session starts in March. But what if it started in January instead? A bill proposing the two-month shift advanced through a committee this week. The seemingly minor time shift is setting off a discussion about how to make Florida’s lawmaking body govern more efficiently.

The Senate Ethics and Elections Committee takes up issues that affect all Floridians. They include how the state runs elections and how lawmakers must conduct themselves when dealing with lobbyists.

This week, a bill allowing domestic partnerships in Florida had its first committee hearing but stalled over some lawmakers’ concerns that it’s unconstitutional. The bill’s sponsor is reworking it after a hearing full of passionate debate.

It looked like the domestic partnership bill, Senate Bill 196, was headed for a committee vote. The measure would allow any couple, gay or straight, to register their relationship and be granted all the rights and privileges of a married couple. Sen. Jeff Clemens (D- Lake Worth) said, years down the road, people would remember this moment.