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The nonpartisan research group Integrity Florida has released a new study about Florida’s charter schools and the industry’s political influence. The study took nearly a year to complete, and takes a deep dive into how the charter model became what it is today.

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The research group Integrity Florida is raising concern about what it sees as a lack of diversity in President Donald Trump’s judicial nominations. 

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Government watchdog group Integrity Florida says the fox is guarding the henhouse when it comes to Florida’s utilities and their regulators.  The group wants to insulate the Public Service Commission from the political fray in the state Legislature.

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There are four judicial vacancies in Florida’s federal courts, and each one has a nominee awaiting approval.  The group Integrity Florida wants the Senate to break the logjam.

Perspectives: City of Tallahassee Ethics

Oct 31, 2014

Julie Meadows-Keefe, the newly hired ethics officer for the City of Tallahassee, talks about her education and enforcement responsibilities.  Joining the conversation by phone is Dan Krassner with Integrity Florida, who also represents the group “Citizens for Ethics Reform”, which advocates voters adopt more sweeping changes to the city’s ethics policies and procedures.

Enterprise Florida

Thousands of dollars spent on sporting events, meals and out-of-state trips are the subject of a letter sent Wednesday asking the state’s inspector general to investigate economic development agency Enterprise Florida.

Integrity Florida, a group frequently critical of Enterprise Florida, is behind the note, which highlights about $100,000 in spending on business lobbyists.

Enterprise Florida

A Florida watchdog group is joining forces with similar groups from other states to call for stricter regulation of public-private economic development ventures. But, it’s only the latest skirmish in a years-long battle between Integrity Florida and Enterprise Florida.

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Governor Rick Scott has given out 40 ‘Great Floridian’ Awards so far. It’s an award given to those who have made significant contributions to Florida, and normally, there’s been about seven at the most named each year.  Scott’s honorees now make up nearly half the awards given out since its inception more than 30 years ago. And, now some are questioning the motive behind the Governor’s move.

The Tallahassee Ethics Advisory Panel is preparing to deliver its recommendations to the City’s Commissioners. 

There was a motivating event in Tallahassee that prompted the creation of the panel, but it appears public corruption in Florida is common.

Former Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll is blasting statements by Integrity Florida's Dan Krassner, which he made during a Monday press conference calling for stricter ethics reform. Carroll says, she should not be held up as a "poster child" for corruption because she has not been charged with any ethics violation or crime.

The following is Carroll's statement in its entirety, which she released through a spokesman on Tuesday:

Bipartisan Coalition Urges Ethics Reformers To Go Further

Mar 18, 2013
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In the wake of Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll’s resignation amidst a racketeering probe, a bipartisan coalition is calling for stronger ethics reform in Florida. The group warns, the bill the Senate passed on day one of session takes steps backward instead of forward. And a bill a House panel will consider on Tuesday does not go far enough, they say.  

Enterprise Florida

All of us have bad days from time to time.  Occasionally, we may even have a few bad days in a row.  Tom Flanigan reports that, for Florida’s private-public organization that does economic development, this was definitely a bad week….

The private-public partnership in charge of Florida’s economic development has come under fire. Much of the criticism is coming from an unlikely coalition.

Enterprise Florida was a brainchild of the late Governor Lawton Chiles.  When it was created twenty years ago, it promised to create two-hundred thousand jobs by the year 2005.  Dan Krassner who heads the government watchdog group Integrity Florida said that didn’t happen.

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A new report from the LeRoy Collins Institute and government watchdog group Integrity Florida shows several counties have adopted ethics policies that are stricter than required by state law. The research could help local and state governments come up with more uniform ethics guidelines, researchers are hoping.

State-run Citizens Property Insurance has been under fire, as its new president disbanded the company’s corporate integrity office in the middle of an extensive ethics investigation in August. On Tuesday, president Barry Gilway gave the Citizens Board of Directors some answers to questions that had been swirling in the wake of the controversy.

Gaetz Proposes Ethics Reform in Florida Senate

Nov 19, 2012

Florida’s incoming Senate President, Don Gaetz, R-Niceville, plans to require all senators to complete at least an hour of ethics training prior to lawmaking.  It’s all part of a set of proposed rules to improve the ethical standards in the chamber. 

A state-government watchdog group is calling for Florida Gov. Rick Scott to investigate state-run Citizens Property Insurance. Integrity Florida and lobbying group Policyholders of Florida have written a letter to Scott after Citizens disbanded its Office of Corporate Integrity on Friday.

Citizens fired all four employees in its corporate integrity office. The move comes amid a sharp increase in internal ethics complaints, which include allegations of wasteful spending. State Sen. Mike Fasano (R-New Port Richey) says Scott needs to get involved now. 

Florida leaders say they want to get tough on the state’s ethics laws for this upcoming legislative Session. Incoming Senate President Don Gaetz says one of his main priorities is raising the standard of ethical conduct for members of the state Legislature.

Interest groups are dropping big bucks in this year’s election cycle, spending millions on campaigns to support or defeat several of the 11 amendments on the November ballot. But that’s nowhere near what’s been spent in year’s past.


A Tallahassee-based government watchdog group wants Florida to broaden its public records laws. Integrity Florida says state and local officials need to be more transparent in their government dealings. The group is calling for an overhaul of Florida’s disclosure system and has put the records of state officials, including those who represent Leon and surrounding counties, online.

Since its creation in January, the government watchdog group Integrity Florida has been releasing a series of reports on the state of Florida’s open government system. The organization says Florida’s Sunshine Laws, designed to make government dealings more transparent, is due for an overhaul.

Integrity Florida has posted more than 600 documents online, including the personal financial disclosure filings from 2011, 2010 and the first term in office for Florida’s legislators and top state officials.


Reccently, the government watch dog group, Integrity Florida, named Florida number one for government corruption. The group’s executive director, Dan Krassner, says the organization looked at a number of things when making that ranking.

"An entity called State Integrity Investigation, a separate group from Integrity Florida, released a Florida Corruption Risk report card. On that report card, they gave our state a failing grade for ethics enforcement agencies," Krassner said.

Integrity Florida, a non-profit research group, says it’s time for Florida to take a second look at its ethics laws. The group puts Florida at the top of the list for government corruption in the nation.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Integrity Florida Executive Director Dan Krassner said the state led the U.S. in federal public corruption convictions from 2000 to 2010. And he said it’s time for the state to take steps to change that.

Corruption is a jobs killer. Corruption threatens our economy, threatens our ability to attract jobs and capital to this state,” Krassner said.

A newly-formed state government watchdog group is calling out Enterprise Florida for possible conflicts of interests and needless secrecy that keeps taxpayers from knowing how the agency spends its money. As Sascha Cordner reports, Integrity Florida says the state’s leading economic development organization could be at risk for corruption.