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Governor Rick Scott has signed a bill into law seeking to improve Florida's eyewitness ID system.


A bill creating a uniform procedure for law enforcement agencies when it comes to conducting eyewitness interviews is on its way to the House floor.

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A pair of bills backed by the Innocence Project have passed their first committee hearing.


A Florida Senator has filed a measure that could change the way law enforcement agencies conduct lineups to help crime eyewitnesses avoid the misidentification of suspects.

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The Florida Bar Board of Governors is pushing back against the state’s expert witness testimony law. The law determines what kind of scientific testimony can be brought before a court of law.

Only a few people convicted of crimes they did not commit have been compensated since a Florida law passed four years ago. Some advocates say it’s unlikely many other people wrongfully convicted will get paid by the state, if that law remains unchanged.

Under a current Florida law, a total of just three people have received a combined total of $3.2 million as compensation for wrongful imprisonment. And, Innocence Project Executive Director Seth Miller says that number may stay that way for awhile.

A Florida man who was exonerated of rape after spending 25 years in prison is behind bars once again….this time on charges of attempted murder. But, as Sascha Cordner reports, those who have gotten to know Alan Crotzer, who has become a champion for wrongly convicted prisoners and an advocate for ex-felons rights, say the allegations against the former inmate seem out of character.

Update 5:25 pm:

A Florida man who was awarded millions of dollars for being wrongfully jailed is now facing charges of attempted first degree murder. The Tallahassee Police Department arrested Alan Crotzer Monday night.

Crotzer was originally sentenced to 130 years in prison, but after serving 24 and a half years, he left prison a free man in 2006.