Hurst vs. Florida

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Already, the Florida Supreme Court has rejected more than three dozen appeals involving death row inmates, who received their sentences before 2002 and did not require unanimous juries. A panel of Florida lawmakers is now trying again to make a fix to that part of the state’s death penalty process.

Outgoing Justice James Perry is voicing opposition to the death penalty.
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Florida’s Supreme Court has wrestled with capital punishment all year.  On his way out the door, Justice James Perry is voicing his opposition to the death penalty.

Nick Evans

Questions about Florida’s death penalty continue to swirl as the court considers four more cases.  The full impact of the Hurst v. Florida decision is far from settled.

The entrance to Florida State Prison outside Raiford, FL.
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Florida’s highest court is weighing a decision that will likely impact all 390 men and women on the state’s death row.  Two men in very different places are hoping to see the same thing happen. 

The FL Supreme Court took up arguments in this week in a high profile death penalty case.
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In January the U.S. Supreme Court invalidated Florida’s death sentencing system.  Now Florida’s high court is considering how the ruling applies to inmates waiting on death row.  Their decision could change the sentences of nearly four hundred men and women.

Nick Evans

Florida’s high court is deliberating the fate of Timothy Hurst—the death row inmate whose case prompted the U.S. Supreme Court to throw out the Florida’s capital sentencing scheme.  But some on the bench have doubts about newly passed sentencing procedures.

Lawmakers At Odds Over Death Penalty Reforms

Feb 9, 2016
The Florida Capitol Building from Adams Street
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In its Hurst versus Florida ruling, the US Supreme Court found Florida’s death penalty sentencing scheme unconstitutional. Now it’s up to the Florida Legislature to fix this system, but the question is how.